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Compatibility Taurus and Pisces

The Taurus- Pisces compatibility is a lovely combination of two pleasure- driven sensualists, both love to love and be loved. There's an undeniable karmic link between these two signs that goes beyond the bedroom. Apart from the gentle romance, they both aim for stability and fidelity. As a result, they are likely to stay.

Taurus are ruled by Venus, the Planet of Love and Beauty, and Pisces are governed by Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, spirituality and enchantment. They share a great interest in poetry, music and theatre, all forms of glamour as well as earthly possessions.

In the bedroom, Pisces, the Fish would be more than happy to indulge the deeply sensual Taurus, the Bull. Sex between these signs is dreamy. The Fish will be carried away in passion in the hands of the skillful Bull. As a result, Pisces's creativity will be aroused. Love sparks will be flying everywhere and shall hit high notes almost instantaneously. . The best part is that, this magnetism doesn't end in the bedroom. These signs have a strong desire to be with each other, melting in love. Everyday life has magic.

Taurus are inspired by the gentle nature of Pisces. Pisces, on the other are drawn to the solid, dependable Taurus. Great first dates are expected- candlelit bistros, the cinema, theatre, museums. Both appreciate beauty, and combined, create a home beautiful, expensive things, possibly antiques.

The Taurus- Pisces compatibility could lost its power when the signs turn into a master-servant dynamic. Being the more  emotional and sensitive of these signs, Pisces could lapse into their dreamy nature and refuse to do things for themselves. Also, due to their flexible nature as is the nature of water, they could be very inconstant. Though very creative, the Fish often shy away from facing any kind of situations. This could be an opportunity where Taurus can be forceful and domineering. The Bull, though affectionate are also known to be extremely stubborn and absolutely inflexible. They're unable to see beyond a set pattern which could result to a negative atmosphere for the relationship, especially where their Pisces partner are not given a chance to express their creativity and just settle with Taurus as the leader.

Some Taurus see nothing but progress in their career and material possessions. They may think that their partner Pisces are unable to cope up with their speed. As a result, the sensitive Fish get hurt if the Bull grow irritated due to lack of progress. If there is understanding and commitment, Taurus can help Pisces reach their dreams. They could offer sound practical help. The goal should be to empower the Fish, build their self-confidence, and not to create dependence. The emotional sensitivity of Pisces, on the other hand adds meaning to the relationship.

When true love develops, both Pisces and Taurus have to be aware of each their own limitations. With this knowledge, they should put their partner in consideration and make a conscious effort not to push themselves too much. The passive-aggressive Fish have to learn to be more assertive, and the dominant Bull have to mellow down on their dominant side. Too much forcefulness will scare away the gentle fish. If a cozy home life is created, it'll be right near impossible to pull these two apart.


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