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Compatibility Taurus and Capricorn

The Capricorn-Taurus Compatibility is a strong and enduring combination of two Earth Signs. They share a traditional approach to love, family and long term relationships. They have high ambitions and goals in life which results to a stable financial well being. In retrospect, both signs believe in hard work and effort; neither of them will abandon their duty in keeping the lifestyle going.

The start of instability of the relationship happens when the pursuit of success becomes an overriding concern which puts romance on the second priority. Taurus, with their deeply sensual sign could end up craving for attention from their aloof Capricorn partner. These signs need to remember that they are, first and foremost, lovers, not colleagues. They need to be honest with each other, so although Taurus have the tendency to be possessive, Capricorn has the right amount of maturity to cope up with it.

Taurus and Capricorn are both shrewd planners. However, their love for materials possessions could be a bank breaker, too. They have the tendency to love the life of a hedonist. Comparatively though, Capricorn is more disciplined compared to Taurus. The Bull, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Beauty and Pleasure; the Goat, Capricorn by strict Saturn, the Planetary Taskmaster.

Where Taurus indulges in pleasure, Capricorn beat themselves even with the tiniest mistake. Furthermore, the Bull can fall into fatalistic beliefs which could surprise and confuse their partner, Taurus. The Goat believes in karma and in planning for the rainy days. Taurus owing it to their realistic and practical viewpoint cannot understand the need to worry for something which hasn't happened yet, nor has any scientific explanation. The challenge is to meet in between. While Taurus is focused on the here and now, Capricorn obsesses over the past and the future. It's always a wise idea to strive to get the timing right.

At it's best, the Taurus- Capricorn compatibility is a union of two hardworking and dedicated people who doesn't go by the initial attraction only but see life as a continuous journey. They have so much admiration for another that needs to burn continuously. Capricorn have to accept that their partner is gifted with so much sensuality. The Goat just have to let go and allow their primal instincts to be awaken. On the other hand, the Bull also need to make their end of the bargain by controlling their emotional tantrums and jealousy, so as not to make the Goat feel suffocated and caged.

When things are not going so well, the Bull and Goat can be extremely competitive. Each sign believe that they know best. As a result, this compatibility can turn into a battle between between earthly desires and responsibilities. As true love grows, Taurus can help cool Capricorn to loosen up a little and to enjoy life more. In return, Capricorn can help Taurus lose some of their childish stubbornness and change that into a more mature wisdom.

There are indeed so much that these signs can teach one another. It's just important that the Taurus- Capricorn couple don't get so tied up in keeping the career rolling that they forget to live their lives to the fullest. Owing it to their shared conservative viewpoints, during the best parts of this relationship and even on the darkest ones, they're highly likely to keep on enjoying one another's company and to grow old together.


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