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Compatibility Taurus and Aquarius

The Taurus-Aquarius compatibility is hard to make a go of because they are very opposite as people. Taurus is an old-fashioned sign who aims for order and security. Owing it to their Earth sign, they have deep roots. Tradition is very important to them so they're not a big fan of change. Aquarius, on the other hand are bearers of the Air sign. They are adventurous souls who go where the wind blows. Change is no biggie for them, instead they greatly enjoy the challenge.

Magnetism is undeniable for these two signs. They start by being fascinated with each other. Nights and days are filled with animation and passion. However, the magic ends quickly before it reaches its peak.

To understand these signs completely, it's best to delve into their ruling planet. Taurus, the Bull is governed by the planet Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, of romance and good life. Aquarius, the Water Bearer on the other hand is ruled by Saturn, Planet of Karma, of responsibility and restriction and Uranus, Planet of Rebellion, of the unexpected. As a result, Saturn could say no to Venus' lifestyle and Uranus could challenge Taurus's pursuit for stability.

There seems to be a constant mismatch between these two signs. Taurus will quickly infuriate Aquarius with their strong and stubborn views. During fights, the Bull will push the Water Bearer to their limits. The Water Bearer will infuriate the Bull by refusing to indulge them in an argument. Their priorities are also different. Taurus wants to invest in a stable family and career while Aquarius wants to save the world.

A major stumbling stone for this compatibility is the fact that Taurus's quest for commitment in a relationship can be prohibiting to the freedom-lover Water Bearer. Taurus tend to be possessive and jealous which will scare away their partner Aquarius.

For the Taurus-Aquarius to be possible, they need to be comfortable with each other beyond the initial attraction. Trust is a foundation that needs to be built for this relationship to work. This could be challenging, especially for the Bull because they cannot easy trust that their partner Aquarius will not become eccentric and unpredictable.

Conscious effort on both signs to commit to their relationship is very essential. They have to learn from one another. Aquarius can introduce Taurus to the world of different possibilities. Taurus, in return can teach their partner to be practical and realistic.

It is safe to say that these signs won't set the world on fire. At least not in the long run. The trick is to keep the initial attraction alive. While it is difficult for this compatibility to work, it's not impossible. When true love comes to play, the Earthy Taurus will be carried by the wind of Aquarius to the world of adventure, while Aquarius could enjoy Taurus's sexy, practical and hardworking personality.


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