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Compatibility Scorpio and Virgo

One would probably wonder how Scorpio who is by reputation an aggressive, passionate, sexually intense lover would be compatible with meek and virginal Virgo. You would be surprised how high the potential is for these two signs to have an impregnable duo when they fall in love. They have more in common than one might think especially behind closed doors. That's because both Virgo and Scorpio are very enigmatic signs who thrive on mystery when it comes to relationships.

When Virgo and Scorpio meet for the first time getting them to consider to further know each other is a formidable challenge on its own. Both Virgo and Scorpio are very private individuals who hide behind enigmatic masks in public. Scorpio being a bit aloof from large crowds are not very sociable while Virgo are defensive, a bit discriminating and will not easily or immediately trust anybody. In short, they have their work cut out for them after the first date. However, it is the same sense of mystery and wonderment that will bring these two together. They will sense an aura that draws them together.

Once they do get into a relationship, Scorpio must learn how to tone down their overtly sensual urges and take it slow and easy with conservative and modest Virgo. In time Virgo will learn to trust Scorpio and when this happens it is Scorpio that will be surprised by Virgo's hidden sexual, earthly nature. Then on, the Scorpion becomes significantly compatible with the Virgin in the bedroom.

Scorpio are very passionate and emotional souls, while Virgo are more detached and logical in nature. Although seemingly different, both look for security and stability in a relationship. Scorpio admire Virgo's rationality and intellect, while the Virgin are amazed by the Scorpion's charisma and passion. They may be different in more ways than one but will blend really well if given a chance.

Another trait that both Scorpio and Virgo have in common is that they are unfathomably loyal to the person they love. They both are exclusive partners who are more comfortable being alone at home spending time with each than out with friends. They are both very private when it comes to their relationship because it's behind closed doors where their compatibility really shines. Additionally, Scorpio are very protective, borderline possessive and will fight tooth and nail to defend and protect Virgo under any circumstance. Scorpio are very powerful sign by nature and always like to take the lead in a relationship, while Virgo like to help others. This could be a very productive coexistence as long as the Scorpion doesn't get consumed by power to the point of taking advantage of the Virgin's giving nature. If this happens, their partnership could spiral down to a dominant-submissive relationship which is not be healthy at all.

Among the zodiacs, compatibility between Virgo and Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood and challenging to predict due to its exclusive and private nature. However, it unusually always works out well than not. As long as these urges are balanced and kept in check, then surely once this union is forged expect it to stand the test of time.


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