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Compatibility Scorpio and Scorpio

Scorpio are by far known as the uttermost intense astrological sign but are also the most misperceived of them as well. They are renowned for their powerful personality with a dangerous but magnetic aura. Scorpio are extremely sexual, so expect that a Scorpio paired with another Scorpio will have passion combined with raw sexuality. However, this intense relationship comes with a price because Scorpios are also notoriously known for being possessive and jealous. In short, if not careful this combination can be a double edged sword.

Scorpio's image projects your typical dark and mysterious ladies' man or femme fatal for women, so it is not surprising that when one meets the other there will be an instant sense of attraction between them. One will find the other as an equal in the game of relationships and both will find it as a challenge to dominate the other being that Scorpio is a cardinal sign. Scorpios, due to their being very passionate have erratic emotions. It is to the advantage of this compatibility that they share the same sign because it is easier for them to predict the changes in each other's moods and adjust to accommodate one another.

When it comes to sexual compatibility, Scorpio paired with another Scorpio is the team to beat. Raw sexual prowess is the forte for this union and this is also why Scorpios are often misunderstood for being sexual deviants or sex maniacs. On the contrary, they are really very private with their sexuality and have a certain standard of dignity in choosing a partner before considering sexual relations. It's their exotic approach to sex that is often misleading to most giving the notion that Scorpios are polygamous by nature. The truth is that Scorpios are very loyal and faithful to their partner. In fact, Scorpios are so loyal and faithful that they often borderline with obsession when it comes to their partner.

As what was mentioned earlier, Scorpio tend to be jealous and possessive. Obsession is one of the most challenging aspects for any Scorpio compatibility and this means double trouble for Scorpio and Scorpio pairs. They are often wrapped up only with each other and isolate themselves in the relationship. It is rare that one would leave the other's sight and everyone will be met with suspicion and will be considered a threat; no one not even friends are welcome. This is where it all turns bad because Scorpio are ruled by Pluto which is aligned with power, control, obsession, and destruction. A once romantic and sexually passionate relationship can quickly turn south in an instant. Constant power struggles can consume the relationship. With both partners needing to be in control of the other, and being that Scorpio is a fixed sign expect  that neither one would give way to the other.

Scorpios are extremely deep and passionate lovers and that is what makes their compatibility with another Scorpio formidable and enduring at the same time. However, they are not too good in handling tension. If everything doesn't go as planned and Scorpio's dark side rears its ugly head, they end up parting ways. But this is not the end for these two. Scorpios usually still keep their feelings of love for their partner even if they did not end well. Usually, from the ashes of destruction they find themselves mysteriously drawn back to each other, this time stronger and wiser. For Scorpio love is sweeter the second time around!


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