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Compatibility Sagittarius and Leo

The Sagittarius-Leo compatibility is a lovely match of two confident and over passionate fire signs. Their life together is filled with fun and adventure. It starts with an immediate mutual attraction and the physical chemistry just doesn't seem to run out of fumes. It will always be blazing with lots of playfulness and enthusiasm as well as sexual compatibility and vibrancy.

Sagittarius and Leo are two of the most sociable signs in the zodiac. By nature, they love to have fun so they are comfortable around friends. Sagittarius, being the Archer aim for adventure, while Leo, the Lion are an excitement seekers. It is of no doubt that their union will give a new meaning to the word "fun". The downside, however, is that no one will keep the home fires burning. They enjoy being outside so much that they'd rather get a take-out instead of enjoying a home-cooked meal or sleep under the stars just because they run out of clean sheets.

The union of Leo and Sagittarius is indeed formidable but, this thrill-seeking, fast paced, fiery couple will encounter a couple of bumps in the road in their journey. They will come across problems which will need a little compromise to ensure a long term relationship.

Although both have the same inclination when it comes to fun, Leo like to live in the limelight and luxury, while Sagittarius are rugged, care free and have an "anything-goes" approach. This may be a problem when the Lion are forced out of their jungle territory which pretty much enjoys all the pleasures in life and join the Arrow in a jagged and craggy lifestyle. Another point of contradiction between these fiery signs is that Leo like to be the centre of attention and seek constant adoration from their partner. Unfortunately, Sagittarius have a less talk, more action type of personality. They don't give false compliments which may leave Leo yearning. The Lion's tendency to be possessive and jealous could also spell trouble to the freedom-loving Arrow. Sagittarius are free spirits and dislike to be weight down.

If this relationship is to stand the test of time, a compromise must happen. Leo must learn to loosen the reins in order to give just enough legroom for Sagittarius to breathe freely. The Lion would see this as a good bargain because their partner Sagi need just a little space. To Leo's advantage, Sagi are flexible souls and will take this gesture positively. Furthermore, Leo are faithful and loyal individuals. Their big heart will often tolerate and understand the Arrow's carefree and at times reckless outlook as long as Sagi stay loyal and faithful to the Lion. Sagi must take note that there is only one thing that Leo cannot and will not forgive, and that is infidelity.

The combination of these two fire signs will never have a dull moment. It's a rollercoaster of passion, temper and sexuality at a very fast pace. If they don't play their cards well and learn to appreciate one another, their relationship can be short lived. However, if Sagittarius can stay faithful and Leo can balance restrictions then this will no doubt be a formidable relationship. A little appreciation can keep the Lion purring for days which gives the Arrow uninterrupted time for their personal adventures. On the other hand, if Sagi will themselves to pause for a while, they may get to learn a thing or two about being regal, determined and committed from Leo.


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