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Compatibility Sagittarius and Aries

The Sagittarius and Aries compatibility is a perfect match filled with ecstasy and thrill. These partners are both Fire Signs so there's an intense exchange of passion between them. They also share a thirst of adventure, traveling and outdoor activities therefore this will not be a boring partnership. Aries have the compelling zest of adventure, challenges and winning that they find supreme happiness and contentment on. Sagittarius on the other hand, are truth seekers and tend to be philosophical. Given their intellect, they do not take things at face value rather go the extra mile to achieve a higher level of understanding.

Aries and Sagittarius are both optimistic people. Aries are optimistic towards faults, hence they don't hold ill feelings. Aries, as represented by the Ram use their positive instincts to be courageous enough to take risks. They have the confidence that they can face anything they put their mind into. Sagittarius are spirits who always look at the brighter side of things. As represented by the Archer, they always have their eye on the target; their optimism allow them to give their best even in difficult situations.

With this couple's positive mindset and will to succeed, what they just need to put in is time. Unfortunately, neither of these signs are gifted with patience. Like the Fire Element both Aries and Sagittarius symbolize, they are fiery, spontaneous and aggressive individuals. They tend to be restless and push themselves too far. Their overflowing energy if not contained by one project or if either of them get bored, they move on to the next without bringing the first one to completion. Without a good follow-through on things, coupled by Aries' impulsive nature and Sagittarius' short-lived interest on things, these signs may end up being less efficient. They have to acknowledge this weakness and work on it; one of the partners has to step-up and introduce stability for this compatibility to reach its full potential.

The marketability of the Aries-Sagittarius relationship relies on their ability to be partners. There's almost no power struggle in their household- Aries take the initiative and Sagittarius will gladly follow knowing that they are working on things in the background. Also, communication will not be a challenge for these signs; this will be a very direct relationship. They are both transparent, does sugar coat words nor beat around the bush. At times, they can be equally brutal which can get each other hurt. The good thing is, these signs can give each other a firm hand; they just have to be open to receive each other's criticisms and achieve to improve themselves. Another advantage that this couple has is their ability to recuperate fast and easily move on- Aries does not hold grudges and same goes with Sagittarius, they're just too busy to notice the drama around them.

Both signs value their freedom, thus it'll not be easy for them to settle down. As love develops, it'll be Aries who will come up with the idea of marriage. Sagittarius who usually see commitment as a form of restriction must look at the relationship with promises and hopes. Aries shall reinforce this with their loyalty and persistence.

Though it is said that the Aries-Sagittarius compatibility is a match made in heaven, same goes with thunder and lightning. With that said, Sagittarius' outgoing personality and tendency to flirt will be one of the thunders in this almost perfect relationship. Aries' passion will turn into jealousy and extreme disappointment; their competitiveness will be triggered so they push themselves to prove that they are the best lover. If they feel that their love is not reciprocated in the same measure, they will turn their back without a second thought.

The potential for a battle of ego can also occur as both signs can be stubborn. Aries who hate losing in a battle will find Sagittarius' philosophical arguments irritating.

In order for this relationship to work at it's best, respect and acceptance of each other's flaws are necessary. Aries and Sagittarius already have an undeniable magnetism towards each other which should be a strong ground to build on. This and open communication as well as the willingness to compromise should gear them up them to battle any challenge that come their way.


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