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Compatibility Libra and Pisces

Libra are Air sign and Pisces, Water sign. Together they can cause a gentle breeze or a tidal wave of their own sexual passion. They are considered as two of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. They are demonstrative of their feelings. Dates will be magical from bed of roses to candle-lit dinners, poetry, love songs. Gratification for this couple knows no boundaries and structure, so an hour or two less sleep can be worth the pleasure. Their love story is a mixture of passion, intrigue and mystery and can be an envy for those who doesn't believe in a happily ever after ending.
Libra are ruled by Venus, the Planet of Love and Pisces by Jupiter (Higher Learning) and Neptune (Illusions). Their compatibility is explained by the shared feminine energies of Venus and Neptune. Under Jupiter and Neptune's influence, Pisces are extremely philosophical. Libra are the kind of souls who crave for partnership. Their cooperative nature make them more comfortable when in an intimate love affair. With all the influences of these planets combined, at the heart of the Libra-Pisces compatibility lies shared respect and love for each other.
It's when reality settles that things get awkward and uncomfortable. Facing the facts of life could be difficult for these signs. Libra have to talk things out and rationalize, while Pisces can be drowned in their own emotions, not wanting to talk and in need of somebody to depend on which Libra can't provide under stressful moments. As a result, Libra find Pisces too vulnerable and undependable, while Pisces find Libra emotionally detached and mentally manipulating.
To make things worse, both Libra and Pisces could turn to escapism to cope up with pressure. Libra become too optimistic, trusting fate to the stars while avoiding conflict and not actually dealing with the problem. Pisces, on the other hand, will lie to themselves and turn into drinks or drugs just to cope up with the depression.
Decision making is another challenge for the Libra-Pisces couple. Both tend to be too distracted, so they tend to work in multiple directions at once. Being an Air Sign, Libra bear the marker of the intellectual. They are smart thinkers and handle abstract reasoning well. Unfortunately, they also try to balance everything and please everyone which make them extremely indecisive. For Pisces, on the other hand, their Water sign gives them the power of intuition. They are compassionate and understanding. Their receptive talents are incredibly high. However, they are susceptible to mood swings. They have the tendency to become self-indulgent and a hostage of the dreamland making it impossible for them to see things clearly. Libra and Pisces need to realize that they have the power over situations. When they combine their heads and their hearts to solve all problems, they can be a power couple. After all, the best decisions are made with both the emotions and the intellect.
A heavy dose of reality is obviously needed for the Libra-Pisces compatibility to survive the test of time. Without it, their love can easily evaporate under the hot air. This is when maturity and a progressive mindset are called for.
Balance, Libra, the Scales' Mantra should be practiced early on in the relationship. When Pisces, the Fish get lost in their sea of emotions or stay in dreamland for too long, the Scales can bring them back to shore. In return, the Fish can teach the Scales to be more in touch with their emotions, that giving in to the vulnerability of love is a beautiful feeling.
The best thing about the Libra-Pisces compatibility is that they share a spiritual link and commitment that must be strengthened to overcome crisis. When true love intervenes, they realize that their relationship is worth saving. Their dedication to each eclipses all boundaries. It could drift for a while, but when these signs come to their senses it acts like a magic wand which makes the trouble suddenly disappear.


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