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Compatibility Libra and Libra

Once two Libras come together as a couple, loyalty is fierce. They are a tag team who works together to achieve a single goal. One Libra strategizing while the other working in the frontline. They're happiest when they share their sensibilities with someone with familiar inclination. The Libra-Libra compatibility is a a picture of a beautiful and serene relationship, but there are of course ups and downs to it just like any other zodiac partnerships. The question of whether they have a lasting power together is something that spectators have floating in their minds.

Attraction for two Libra souls is instant; they both exude charm, grace and intellect. Ruled by Venus, the Planet of Love, they are very demonstrative of their love, giving gifts, romantic dinners, sexual escapades. They spoil each other, sometimes too much. To the world, they can't keep their hands off each other and can be an envy of other couples.

Libras, however do not believe in falling in love at first sight. Instead they will take time and then make their choice. They take time to open themselves up and also the romantic setting too has to be perfect.

Being an Air Sign, Libra, the Scale value intellectualism above all. They appreciate art and culture and diversity. Communication is also in their turf, being one of the most diplomatic of the zodiacs. Conflict makes them uncomfortable, but they have their way of handling difficult and awkward situations. They manage such situations with extreme grace and poise. They want to be fair in any situations and try to establish peace all the time.

Libra's diplomatic skills, however also raises the question of honesty. They have the tendency to turn negative situations to positive even when things get out of hand just in order to keep the peace in the household. Instead of facing the hard facts, they tend to lie to hide their true feelings and avoid tension. They crave for partnership and cooperation a little too much. By trying to be just and fair all the time, they sometimes forget that they too may have an opinion. As a result, the pain keeps on escalating instead of being worked through. If this continues, they find out too late that they don't know each other anymore. Once they realize the imperfections of their partner, they fall further and further apart. Being disappointed is a catastrophe for the idealist Libra. They're the kind of souls who's always seeking for perfection. They wouldn't settle for anything less. Upon realizing that their relationship is flawed, they could end up seeking greener pastures elsewhere.

Decision-making can also be a downfall of the Libra-Libra compatibility. Due to being an Air Sign and trying to balance everything and please their partner; they often tend to be extremely indecisive. Along with this is the issue of procrastination. They will just not be able to make up their minds and keep it hanging until whenever.

The key is for two Libras to realize that perfection is a state of mind, it's far-reached because it does not exist. They need to give "normal" a chance instead of pushing themselves to have something that's not possible to have. Once true love intervenes, they embrace reality as part of who their partner is. They could redirect their idealistic nature by working on a common goal. In the process, they could take turns in making decisions, taking the lead. By doing so, they encourage one another to get their acts together and perform their best.


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