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Compatibility Libra and Leo

Libra and Leo are two of the most romantic signs in the zodiac. They want everything to be pleasant and harmonious. Courtship is the most interesting stage of this compatibility. They are attracted to each other's good look, charm and glamour. Bouquet of flowers, romantic candle-lit dinner, surprise gift and the works will make this a pretty pair on the surface. They share the same tastes and hobbies, and people enjoy being with them. However, obstacles come to play when it's time to get real.

Leo, the Lion bear the Fire sign ruled by the blazing Sun, the Luminary. They have a regal air in them and want to be consumed by passion, attention and devotion. Libra, the Scales on the other hand, are ruled by the Venus, the Planet of Love and Money and carry the Air sign. They are sociable beings, who want nothing but to adore their partner. The Scales will provide all the feeling of fondness and liking the Lion crave for, while the Scales enjoy exploring the world with their equally adventurous and outgoing partner.

Furthermore, the Sun and Venus go well together. They exude masculine and feminine auras respectively, so a balance of energies is expected. While Leo spread around warmth and passion in the household, Libra focus on the beauty and balance of romance. They're sexually a hit too. The Lion's passion is met by the Scales' warm and loving appreciation. When true love unfolds, this couple will sustain one another till the end of time.

Leo and Libra are also good communicators. The airy Libra are alert, curious and perceptive and simply want to get the word out. It's the same with the the fiery Leo. They are blazing with fires all the time but could come across rather forceful and bossy. Discussions are both passionate and intellectual for these signs. Unfortunately, at times the Leo-Libra compatibility is more concerned about how they appear to their partner and to others instead of focusing on the real issues. The tendency to coat problems with extreme sweetness and avoid touchy matters in order not to destroy the pleasant vibes oftentimes happens. It leaves a bitter taste, especially to the Lion, while the Scales take a passive-aggressive stance. As a result, the fire in Leo turns into a blaze pushing the Scales to do something. Libra, although upset tend to find their balance and just retreat instead of indulging their attention seeker partner. This makes makes the Lion roar even louder.

In order for the Leo-Libra compatible to work its best, this couple needs to be mindful of their partner's feeling and approach in life. The Lion are action-driven individuals and can oftentimes come in conflict with the Scales' tendency to procrastinate. Additionally, with Leo taking the reins, giving orders, Libra use their charms into making others do thing for them. The Scales have the ability to make someone, like their Lion parter, less angry and hostile. Having to yield everytime however, is not the Lion's thing. The key is to come up with a compromise. It will be an easy job for the Scales but can be a little challenging for the Lion. If this couple is to survive this test, Leo need to understand the value of sacrifice, while Libra have to be less manipulative.

Fire and Air, Sun and Venus are generally a good combination. Fire needs air in order to survive and warmth and love go well together. The bottomline is for Leo and Libra to dig deep and understand one another.


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