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Compatibility Libra and Gemini

The Libra-Gemini tandem is considered as one of the most harmonious combinations. They are born to be with each other and their similarities will simply overpower any tension that may occur.

Governed by the same Air Element, these signs share the same perception of life which revolves around fun and adventure. Gemini and Libra have the same level of intellectual understanding that they look forward to each other for a good mental workout. They have a wide range of interests giving them a great material for a fruitful discussion. Both signs also have the energy and enthusiasm to discover new things. They look at the world as a mine full of gems to explore and uncover and this will make them enjoy each other's company a lot.

The Gemini-Libra partnership combines the forces of communication and love. Gemini are born communicators, speaking, writing, online communication and learning as their domain. They're minds are restless and have the enthusiasm to move from one thing to the next without stopping to appreciate the beauty of things around them. Libra on the other hand are known for their passion for love, romance and harmony. They appreciate everything life offers, both tangible and abstract as if they could taste everything around them- nature, art and luxuries among others. More than this, they have the innate ability to influence others to do the same. It's the sense of refinement and love for life which defines Libra and these are reflected in their charm and grace- qualities that Gemini cannot resist. In addition to Libra's ability to go along with Gemini's adventures, they can also teach them to appreciate life- one of the areas for which these signs can have a mutual benefit on.

Since Libra value relationships, harmony is important to them. They hate confrontations and conflicts and use their flexibility to adjust to what the situation requires. Gemini on the other hand are debate-loving individuals, not to put their opponents down but as a form of a brain workout. Libra are not equipped with the argumentative tool to indulge Gemini in a contentious discussion which keeps the relationship peaceful.

Communication is an aspect that both Gemini and Libra are good at. In the event of a misunderstanding, they find a way to talk things through. However since both signs have the tendency to over-rationalize, their emotions are recognized the least or not at all. Both may say something different from what they actually feel. While this will be beneficial for the Gemini-Libra tandem in the short-term, underlying emotional stress will ruin the relationship in the future. It is important that both Gemini and Libra be honest with themselves and brave enough to acknowledge their feelings and help each other be more expressive.

Socializing is also something common to Gemini and Libra. They love the company of other people, however this can also hurt their relationship. Of the two, Gemini is more outgoing and liberated while Libra prefer a close and intimate relationship. Keeping a huge network of acquaintances will take much of Gemini's time and effort which will make their commitment questionable. Once a threat to the stability of the relationship is perceived, Libra's passion for love can turn into jealousy in fear of losing their partner. Gemini has to more conscious of their acts and direct the flexibility they're known for to adjust to their partner's need.

In general, there's not much conflict in the Gemini-Libra compatibility. More often, it's either they share the same wave length or they complement each other. Both signs appreciate each other's individual qualities- Gemini for Libra's charm and skills and Libra for Gemini's wit. In terms of plan implementation, Libra have the drive and energy to start working on a plan which Gemini lacks on. Libra takes the leadership position and Gemini is happy to go along with it as long as they are not forced.

The key to the continuous success of this relationship is being more in-tuned to their individual emotions. Over-rationalizing as a way of facing painful feelings will not help at all. It's by getting in touch with one's emotions that opens up opportunities to discuss with each other the differences that they have and as intelligent and flexible these two signs are, they will definitely come up with a way to meet in between.


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