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Compatibility Libra and Cancer

One would think that compatibility between Libra and Cancer is a deal since both signs seek balance and stability in a relationship. Individually these two can't be as contrasting as can be, time spent together will be a balancing act for priorities in life and true love can be the deciding factor for it to be successful. But if either partner has any signs doubt, this is a complicated and difficult relationship.

On the lighter side these two sing both share an underlying romantic outlook on life. Libra are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, while Cancer are ruled by the Moon, which represents emotions. They both want to love and want their relationship to last, but that's about it when it comes to similarity. Libra are air signs that explicitly let intellectuality and logic drive them. They tend to find Cancer's deep emotions and mood swings impossible to understand and alarming. Meanwhile, Cancer are sensitive water signs and will find Libra's emotional evasiveness to be cold and concerning. Unfortunately, they don't have an emotional foundation for them to build a long term relationship. They basically don't meet eye to eye on a great deal of things too, like their approach to careers, friendship, money, politics, goals etc. The only thing they do agree on is the need for a loving and stable family life. Only if the love between them is strong enough, then there is a possibility that it is enough to keep them together. But both signs tend to be rather passive-aggressive which makes the Libra-Cancer compatibility a short one.

Although both signs are kind and placid by nature it is a different story when these two get together. There is an uneasy friction between them that always tends to rub each other off in the wrong way. Even their social life is a means of conflict; Libra enjoy the sociable limelight, while Cancer are private individuals who prefer to stay at home with the family.
Furthermore, Libra are idealists, and when this relationship ultimately fails to live up to its promise Libra will constantly try to improve it, Cancer won't take too kindly to this, and will dig in their heels and refuse to compromise. This is a tricky and somewhat moody partnership. Both partners will be happier elsewhere. For Libra and Cancer, compatibility is elusive and unstable at best.


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