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Compatibility Libra and Aquarius

The Libra-Aquarius compatibility is an intriguing combination because both are highly intellectual signs who seek to better themselves and others, but is there room for romance and passion in this cerebral relationship? These two Air signs thrive on knowledge and find intelligence sexy, so it is not surprising what got them attracted to each other. Aside from the mental prowess that this couple share, they are true believers of having fun for the sake of fun. They have a large network of friends, love to travel and take on any adventure that come their way. It's highly possible that these signs meet in a coffee shop or in a party, and since both of them love to chat they hit the mark on the first meeting. The chemistry is undeniable and guarantees a date.

The Libra and Aquarius combination will not have a dull moment together. They will almost instantly detect a connection between them since they both love to debate and discuss any topic whether it be the most complex of ideas or the simplest day to day things. They will not run out of things to talk about. This is also why these two signs are perfect for friendship and business partnerships due to the creativity that is accomplished when these two minds meet. But of course, it takes more than good conversations and great ideas to make a romantic relationship work.

Libra, the Scales who always try to find balance and perfection are idealistic by nature.They always think that rules must always be followed and can never be bent but can be flexible and open minded enough when it comes to their partner. This is a good thing because although Aquarius are philosophers and visionary, they can also possess an eccentric nature. They are called the Water Bearers. Just as the water is a precious gift brought forward, in the same manner Aquarius also bring forth their thoughts and views to this world. They tend to bend the rules and take a lot risks for the pursuit of their intellectual objectives. Relationship-wise, Aquarius are rebellious and are also known to be stubborn. They need a certain amount of independence to do what they need to accomplish. It is fortunate that Libra are not a possessive sign. To balance things out, they often use diplomacy when faced with difference of opinion in a relationship.

Libra being the cardinal sign among the two can take the lead and use their accommodating and considerate nature to manage Aquarius' need for freedom. They use their charm and negotiating skills to make Aquarius settle down a little more on a voluntary basis. In return, Aquarius who are far less romantic will appreciate Libra more and will learn to open up and express a little bit more sensitivity and emotions. This is already an accomplishment on Libra's part who are seeking the ideal partner from the least sentimental of all the signs in the zodiac Aquarius.  

Aquarius are also known for their supreme talent and intellect. Their ideas are vast and logical and often scientific. They can teach the idealistic Libra that not everything in the world is in black and white and that grey areas exist. Furthermore, the Water Bearer can assure the Scales that it is okay to take risk once in a while and it is acceptable to make mistakes along the way.

Differences in strides will happen to the Libra and Aquarius partnership, just like with any other zodiac combinations. It will, however progress absolutely well as long as Libra maintain the amount of independence Aquarius need to be productive in their quest for ideals. In return Aquarius must express themselves a little more emotionally to reassure Libra that they are loved. As true love unfolds, these signs learn to adjust to each others needs. It is only then that they can truly claim that they have found a lifelong playmate in each other.


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