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Compatibility Leo and Virgo

The Leo-Virgo compatibility seems to be an odd combination of a Fire sign ruled by the Sun, the luminary and an Earth sign ruled by the practical and perceptive Mercury. Chances are, the skeptical Virgo can throw dirt on Leo's flames before they combust into a wildfire. They're raised from two different schools thought- Leo who need constant praise from their partner and Virgo, the perfectionist whose critical nature can cause Leo to tone down their flashy image to a more acceptable tune.

Love at first sight is unlikely for Leo, the Lion and Virgo, the Virgin. The Lion find Virgo boring, lifeless and far too meek, while the Virgin resent Leo for being so full of himself/herself. Leo are strong creatures; they project a forceful energy and want to manifest themselves to the world. However, the Virgin find it difficult to understand their excessive pride and self-satisfaction and does not find it proper either. The problem is that, Virgo have an exasperating sense of detail and tend to criticize even when there is nothing to criticize. The Lion, not being appreciated is a sin.

The challenge is for this couple to stay long enough in the relationship to get to know each other, understand their differences and realize that they complement each other. As love unfolds, Leo will appreciate Virgo's intellectualism, prudence and practicality. Contradictingly, Lions are extravagant. They enjoy the highlife. Virgo's earthy nature is a terra firma that keeps Leo on the ground; they can cool down the Lion's enthusiasm right away. Leo, on the other hand can inspire Virgo to go out more often. They can introduce ways of how to find a more joyful way of life. They can teach their Virgo mate spontaneity and show them how to have a good time.

When it comes to working on projects, Virgo are the kind of souls who work out all the angles before committing to a certain goal. They take a practical stance  in everything they do. Leo, however enthusiastic to start a new project doesn't consider their motivation on the onset. Virgo can teach them to mind the consequences before getting involved into something, while Leo can motivate Virgo to loosen up a bit and be more optimistic. Given enough time, maturity and openness, the Lion and  the Virgin can benefit each. They must find their way past their initial differences first.

What keeps the Leo-Virgo compatibility running is their devotion as partners once they are in love. Observers will conclude a notably honest and sincere relationship; no pretentions. Bad days could become worse if they don't meet in the middle ground. The truth is that, Leo's pride can't survive the constant nagging of their partner Virgo. The key is for Virgo to find a way to express their views in a more positive way, and for Leo to listen. The Lion could get hurt in the process but they need to be able to take well meant criticisms.

The more optimistic and less flaw-finding Virgo become, while Leo learn to be more realistic and practical, the longer this couple stays together. Leo may be the king of the jungle, but it is Virgo who work behind the scene pulling strings and organizing things. It's all a matter of live and let live philosophy.


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