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Compatibility Leo and Taurus

The Taurus and Leo compatibility reflects good signs for a long term relationship. As symbolized by the mighty Lion, Leos have a domineering, strong and proud personality; they exude confidence and courage to face anything and anyone.  To the other zodiacs, Leos are oftentimes deemed as bossy so they tend to shy away but not Taurus. The Bull, Taurus who does reflect power and strength in their own way are also very gentle and caring; they will readily accept Leo's bossiness. To top it all, Taurus are nothing but loyal to their partner, hence while Leo take the leadership, they present themselves as good team players making this relationship grow in love and partnership.

To identify with the Taurus and Leo compatibility, it would be beneficial to understand that Taurus' image of strength and stability are merely defense mechanisms that they have adapted to address their feeling of weakness, hence we have a Bull with a soft core. The plus side is that the Bull in Taurus comes out when achieving their goals; they have a strategic mind to figure out the best course of action to guarantee success. They also have a high level of bearing emotional and physical pain; they push themselves by achieving for the stars because coming out as victorious will give them some sort of personal validation. To Taurus, Leo radiates pure energy and power. In this type of relationship, the Bull's need for stability will gravitate them towards the Lion. Leo on the other hand, can benefit from a meticulous and methodical partner.

The Lion, Leo although high and mighty are also in need of validation. Theirs however, is more of an external verification instead of internal which means that their drive is fueled by the compliment they receive from the people around them. Leos are the type of souls who always need a tap on the back, recognition for something they did. It feeds their ego and gives them a push to continue doing what they do. Taurus are very passionate souls who will do just that; they have a warm, generous, kind and positive heart that will welcome Leo with open arms.

Taurus is an Earth Sign and Leo is a Fire Sign. Fire can burn earth. It may not happen early on but sooner or later, Leo's demands will exhaust Taurus. Once this happens as earth also puts down fire, Taurus can dampen Leo's enthusiasm which can scar their confidence. Taurus' bull-headed characteristics will be realized and felt to the fullest by the Lion and this will lead to a struggle for dominance. Things will worsen if the stubbornness of both signs gets in the way. They are both ambitious, reliable and persistent individuals who believe that their way is the only viable course to take. Arguments will definitely be heated. Being an Earth Sign, Taurus will stand their ground while Leo, a Fire Sign can burn out of control unless they find a way to meet in between and come up with a practical solution.

Likewise, this couple's stubborn nature makes them resistant to change; they tend to hold on to the relationship even if things are going wrong. If they can't come up with a compromise, the relationship becomes restrictive for both signs. Even at times when the idea of a compromise comes along, Taurus and Leo should learn to trend carefully because both of them are known for bearing grudges; they do not easily forget and forgive. If a problem is not fully resolved to the satisfaction of each sign, it'll find its way to resurface at a later date.

The selling point of the Taurus and Leo compatibility is their huge amount of staying power; they can be stubborn about everything including keeping the relationship despite of its ups and downs. This couple should look at this as an opportunity to work out their differences and mend the broken pieces of their relationship. They have to accept that they cannot change their partner, so the mature solution is to respect and work with each other. It won't be easy of course considering the strong will power of both the Bull and the Lion but when true love reveals itself, nothing is impossible for these signs.


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