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Compatibility Leo and Pisces

The Leo-Pisces compatibility is not a match envied by other astrological pairs. It is because both signs are a bit self-centred in a relationship. Leo, the Lion live in the lap of luxury demanding attention and love the limelight. Pisces, the Fish, on the other hand often drift into a his or her own world where everything is perfect to their design. In general, they both rely on receiving rather than giving attention to their counterpart. The trick is for both Leo and Pisces to work hard to find the middle ground. It could either be a living nightmare or if done right it could be like pages out of a fairy tale.

When Leo and Pisces meet for the first time, there is an immediate attraction between them. They are both drawn and fascinated with each other, Pisces are captivated by Leo's strength and grandeur, while Leo are bewitched by Pieces' gentle and ethereal radiance. Initially this will result in an intense romance between two signs who are known for high emotions. Both infatuated with each other, they more likely go through a magical courtship phase. Unfortunately, this stage of romance could fade as quickly as it came when each individual personality comes up to the surface and reality starts to set in.

To dig deeper, Leo and Pisces are opposites when it comes to their social life. The Lion like to be surrounded with people and friends and to be adored by them, while the Fish like solitude and privacy. They also operate in different levels of emotions. Leo are expressive souls and are open with their emotions but Pisces are timid and get easily overwhelmed when faced with challenges within the relationship. Once in a relationship, Leo will often voice out their feelings and frustrations dominating Pisces who will often withdraw due to difficulty in putting their feelings into words. Furthermore, the Fish's unresponsiveness will further infuriate the Lion which in turn will drive the Fish further away. This will result to a lot of misunderstandings which is a key factor to avoid for this union to work.

In an elemental point, Fire (Leo) and Water (Pisces) can be a very good combination sensually with a good balance of emotions and energy but if left unchecked the Lion's intense fire can easily overwhelm and burnout the Fish's emotions. On the other hand, Pisces' oversensitivity can dowse Leo's warmth and energy. And this can result to damages between the two which can no longer be undone.

Communication and proper balance of emotion are the keys for these two signs to shine. Pisces provide gentleness, spirituality and sensitivity, while Leo give strength, stability and energy to the relationship which they can benefit enormously from. However, if neither from the two is willing compromise and work for it, this partnership is set to fail before they even realize it.

Indeed, Leo and Pisces come from different worlds. However, given enough time and effort from both ends, they can eventually gel into a lasting relationship. The flowy, dreamy Pisces, who whether they admit it or not, need a decisive mate which Leo are. Leo are confident souls eager to rule the relationship and take fast action when necessary. The challenge, however, is for the Lion to practice just the right amount of patience to allow Pisces to articulate their needs. The tendency is that the Lion assume they've got the upper hand every time and that the Fish is content to follow. When true love unfolds, these signs realize that they both leaders in their own right. The Fish may be a shy spirit but they have a brilliant imagination and keen intuition. Leo may be a powerhouse who can run the show, but they'll do their best to give Pisces the chance to rule the stage.

At the heart of the Leo-Pisces compatibility is their receptiveness to one another's teachings. Pisces can influence Leo to be more caring, sensitive and thoughtful, while Leo can teach Pisces to use their creativity to make their dreams come true instead of just living in dreamland. Once they learn to live with their differences and focus on how they can benefit each other, theirs can truly be a mutual relationship.


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