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Compatibility Leo and Leo

The question of who will rule as the King of the jungle remains to be a challenge in the entire lifespan of the Leo-Leo compatibility. It's either they consume each other with passion, or destroy each other with pride.

Leos love to spoil their partner, hence the Leo-Leo compatibility is extremely passionate because it's a combination of two fire signs. To escalate things further, Lions are ruled by the Sun, the Bringer of Light and Life. Nothing's hotter than that! A euphoric sex life, a hyperactive social life and a lot of physical and intellectual stimulation await this couple. They shower each other with expensive gifts and nice surprises (they can be each other's nightmare without regular doses of praise). You will know a Leo-Leo couple because they come with a great deal of public display of affection, not the indecent one of course. But they have the ability to exude a certain warmth that makes others smile in admiration, or envy.

Happy days are over when these two Lions start to fight regarding who should wear the crown. Leos are known for their supersized egos. Representing masculinity, both partners will compete for authority. The Sun's energy is a forceful one and it'll burn this relationship to the ground if they don't take turns on the royal throne. Self-awareness is crucial for the survival of the Leo-Leo compatibility. Each Lion enters the partnership with a unique set of skills, knowledge and abilities. The key is to be mature enough to know which one to prioritize- their own massive ego or what is best for everyone. Something Leo One isn't good at could be compensated by Leo Two, and vise-versa. The key is for both Leos to take responsibility for the drama they're capable of causing.

Arguments in the Leo-Leo compatibility are expected to happen and it can be brutal. There will be screaming, cursing and even public humiliation. It's as if there's no more tomorrow for this couple. The the surprise of spectators, these Leos will be back again in each other's arms the following day just like nothing happened. Yes, they don't bear a grudge. Their temper may be on an epic scale, but it dissipates fast. When love comes to play, their shared warmth and sincerity to move forward with the relationship will help see them through any problem they come across.

The strongest weapon of the Leo-Leo compatibility is the Lion's capacity for forgiveness. They are both genuine people, larger than life, but happy souls who mean well. They forgive and forget. As a fixed sign, they can be stubborn too. Fortunately, as long as their craving for attention is met (or has eaten steak for lunch), they utilize their innate charm to get what they want.

Being fire signs, Leos are by nature independent. They both want to make their own mark on the world. No one should get in your way and steal your shine, or they're feel your burning flames. Although there will always be a hint of competition in the Leo-Leo partnership, it should mean to challenge the other partner to do better, not to put him/her down. They need to be each other's biggest fans and champions. It'll be best to divert this couple's energy outwards instead of against one another. With their charms, will power and thirst to rule, they could overthrow anyone or anything that blocks your way towards success.


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