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Compatibility Leo and Cancer

Spell drama! Cancer and Leo can be good friends and coworkers but not entirely as lovers. It'll always be a battle between Cancer's moods and Leo's ego. The only way that these signs can work together is when they allow themselves to understand where their partner is coming from. From then on, once true love unfolds, they get to adjust their actions to keep the peace within the relationship.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the Ruler of Emotions. Cancer, the Crab's emotions is portrayed in terms of the sea: fluid, momentous, churning from within. Mood swings are expected- still waters, waves, tides. They represent the feminine side of the Cancer-Leo compatibility. Leo, on the other hand carry with them a masculine energy. Ruled by the Sun, The Self, Leo, The Lion have a regal air in them. They command royalty, authority and the ability to lead. They love to be the center of attention, receiving all the praises. Their core-being is made with a forceful will to manifest themselves to the world. This combination of feminine and masculine characteristics works in an ideal world- the regal Lion sweeping the extremely intuitive and sentimental Crab in a romantic dance, but these signs can also be literally different as day and night.  

In terms of elements, the Cancer-Leo compatibility is a water and fire combination. Fire can boil water. It makes for a lot of physical attraction and steamy sexual connection. Though boiling passion is undeniable inside the bedroom, there could be a lot of drama outside. Cancer should be careful not to put out the fire in Leo by their constant worrying, and Leo must not put heavy demands on Cancer's natural sensitivity.

If everything works at its best, this couple is well balanced. Loyal, caring and dependable Cancer can provide Leo with all the attention and affection they need. They believe in providing all comforts and things to the people they love and care about, which pleases the royal Lion. In return, Leo can provide Cancer a strong and protective force. Their joyful nature can lighten up Cancer's darkness.

Tensions happen when the natural neediness and bossiness of these signs clash. Cancer can be insecure and possessive which can quence Leo's joy and excitement. Their caring nature can make them dominating and manipulative. When times are bad, they can be sulky and withdrawn which leave their partner Leo mystified and frustrated. The Crab can use this circumstance to manipulate the Lion.

Mismatch in the financial realm can also happen to these signs. Cancer worries about Leo's lavish nature. Being the homemaker, the Crab make sure that there is enough funds in the bank, especially for the rainy days. The Lion, on the other hand lives in the here and now, not worrying about what to eat tomorrow. With this knowledge, Leo must be careful not to make Cancer threatened in anyway, including their financial stability.

For the Cancer-Leo to work, both have to invest on passion and romance, something both signs enjoy. They are heart-driven signs and emotional highs give life to your core-being. Self-awareness is extremely important. Cancer and Leo have to be aware of the pain they could inflict on their partner and do all measures to avoid it. The best part of this partnership is that both Cancer and Leo are determined characters. When true love exists, this couple can work through their differences well enough.


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