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Compatibility Leo and Aquarius

The Leo-Aquarius compatibility is a picture of passion, creativity and determination. They're not only good together as lovers but as business partners too. Their partnership is never boring; they are both thrill-seekers, both highly motivated to achieve their goals. More than their ability to work hand-in-hand is their respect and admiration for each other which serve as a good foundation for a lasting relationship.

Attraction is instant for for the Leo and Aquarius. They are both intellectuals and find a worthy mental opponent in each other. As they get to know each other better, it won't just be about their meeting of minds, there's a lot of physical romance involved as well.

Both Leo and Aquarius have a huge amount of willpower, but this can be a double-edged sword. On the up-side, regardless of what the situation may be, they stand loyal to each other. They are very dependable individuals who know what the situation needs before anyone can notice. Their determination, however comes with a certain amount stubbornness. The good thing is that both sign are open mind and will always look to compromise or cooperate with one another.

Although different in views about a lot of things, these signs have a high potential of complementing each other. Leo, the Lion love to be adored and is good with the crowds, while Aquarius, the Water Bearer are a bit of an eccentric but have a high level of intellectually, vision and innovative. The Water Bearer can influence to Lion to derive a wide scope of new ideas to further add to his or her prestige. In turn, the Water Bearer admire the Lion's zeal, strength and elegance. Though Aquarius always have new ideas, they don't always have the drive to make those ideas real as Leo does.

Another thing that's common to both Leo and Aquarius is that they both love to experiment and take risks. They are both idealistic and highly motivated. They seek thrill not only in day to day life like health, business and family but in the bedroom as well. As a result, their sex life is full of spontaneity, excitement and warmth.

Perhaps the biggest potential for trouble between Leo and Aquarius is when Leo succumb to their inherent need to be constantly adored which at times came be too demanding. Aquarius, being a very independent sign by nature will not be aware or maybe won't be ready to give in to Leo's demands and will not ask or expect the same from Leo in return. Aquarius will listen patiently to Leo's dramas, but only to a point. At first the Lion will take this void of insensitivity on the part of Aquarius but will eventually give in and compromise themselves due to being overwhelmed by the Water Bearer's intellectuality and eccentricity. In return, Aquarius will need to show a little more emotion and tenderness.

Overall this a very promising combination because Aquarius provide vision, intellect, practicality determination, and stability while Leo give strength, passion, excitement and fun to the relationship. When true love unfolds, they learn to utilize each other's strengths to further their goals. They join to pick each other's brain for ideas, strategize to put it into practice, get the ball rolling and see it through to completion. This process makes theirs a partnership full vision as well as action.


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