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Compatibility Gemini and Virgo


The Gemini-Virgo compatibility is a challenging partnership at first because of their different approach in life and love. Given the time invested on the relationship, they will realize that they have a lot of similarities for which they can build a solid platform on.
Both governed by the planet Mercury, Gemini and Virgo are intelligent individuals who use logic rather than instinct. They have a strong intellectual connection with each other making them a powerful couple. Additionally, Gemini and Virgo are good communicators and are very flexible in a relationship. Neither of these signs are overly emotional, hence whenever a conflict arises, they prefer a rational argument and neither of them hold ill feelings. In this respect, they have a high potential to function harmoniously together and must use it to their advantage.
Since both Gemini and Virgo think with their head rather than their heart, neither of them are good at expressing their sentiments. They tend to over-rationalize their feelings which keeps the relationship detached and on a cerebral level. This could wear them off eventually. With this in mind, both signs should learn relax and to be more attached with their emotions, accept its existence and recognize that not all battles are meant to be won rationally. Once more in-tuned with their feelings individually, they can help one another to be more explorative and expressive.
One of the differences between these signs is that while Gemini take things lightly, Virgo are worriers. The later are often too critical and serious and this could dampen Gemini's enthusiasm. Additionally, Virgo are hard-working individuals, stressing over duties and responsibilities. In the eyes of a Gemini, their partner is stiff and uptight while Virgo resents them for being somewhat irresponsible for not feeling the same way. Compromise plays an important role in this relationship. Gemini have to adapt some seriousness in their thoughts and actions while Virgo have to loosen up a bit.
Virgo are also known for their stable personality. Being an Earth sign, they are grounded on their goals and follow the path towards it regardless of how tedious it takes. They are very practical, direct and precise individuals; they know what they want and who they want to be with. Oppositely, Gemini carry an inconsistent and impulsive attitude. Like the Air they represent, they love moving from one venture to another bringing along whatever knowledge and adventurous experience they come across with. Their flighty and flirtatious nature will come as a challenge to the committed Virgo. Caging a Gemini is not the way to deal with them, freedom is what defines them. It's to the advantage of this relationship that patience and flexibility are virtues that Virgos possess. However, this comes as a warning to Gemini- Virgo's ultra-practical stance can make Virgo tire off easily, there's a certain limit as to how much a person can take. If Gemini is willing to move their relationship to the next level, they have to utilize their flexibility to slow down to appreciate the beauty of a stable life that Virgo offer. In the same way, Gemini can teach Virgo how to acknowledge the fun and excitement in life.
Communication is a blessing that both Gemini and Virgo enjoy and should always be practiced in a more emotional rather than intellectual level to maintain this relationship. Small misunderstandings should not be disregarded as these could pile up to something big and out of control. The best way to keep the Gemini-Virgo compatibility fired up is by being honest with each other and respects each other's opinion. It is normal for Virgo to feel jealous due to Gemini's flirtatious tendencies. This feeling should be acknowledged and brought up to Gemini's attention who should respond with words and actions of assurance to keep their partner happy. With Gemini's declaration of love and care, they're off to a life which is well organized and well managed with nothing to worry about.


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