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Compatibility Gemini and Pisces


Gemini and Pisces have a great potential together. Apart from the instant physical attraction, they complement each other in so many ways. Gemini's outgoing, curious and liberated nature is balanced out by the emotional, gentle and quiet personality of Pieces. They also share the enthusiasm to discover the world but while Gemini prefers to be more practical and analytic, Pisces is a dreamer, and they tend towards abstract and theoretical thinking. This creates a venue for which Gemini can give focus to Pisces' dreamy perspective. Pisces are also known for their artistic characteristic; they can give color to Gemini's world of ideas.
The marketability of the Gemini-Pisces tandem is the fact that they are both versatile individuals, hence are quite compatible. They are equipped with the resourcefulness to change as long as their doing so is for the greater good. While Gemini uses the power of their brain, Pisces use their instinct and emotional attachment, two very different approaches but comes up with the very good results. Both these signs also tend to change their minds quite a bit because of their ability to sympathize and see the different aspects of a situation, characteristics that these signs have to make the best use of to maintain the harmony in the relationship.
Gemini and Pisces have their own ways of dealing with arguments and misunderstandings. Pisces being the more emotional sign tend to be more sensitive and can get hurt easily by Gemini's insensitive choice of words. It's a good thing that these signs easily forgive and forget - Pisces uses their intuitions to understand the other side of their partner which Gemini just don't have the time to notice all the drama around them. This is convenient at times but not all the time. Their ways of escaping the issue simply suppresses the problem without dealing with the root cause. Eventually, these problems will always find their way to the surface until such time that it becomes out of control and endanger the relationship.
The problem lies in the extreme opposites of this couple when it comes to emotions- Gemini is emotionally aloof while with Pisces, it is a prerogative that their partner sympathizes with their emotions. As a result, Pisces become too sensitive and clingy that makes the freedom-loving Gemini feel tied up. It is beneficial to the Gemini-Pisces tandem that both signs are flexible and will sincerely find a way to see eye to eye. The resourceful Gemini will use their gift of communication to say the right things while Pisces tend to create an illusion of a better situation. However, these measures are again superficial and will create a relationship based on manipulation and deceit. The best thing is for these signs to be truthful with themselves and their partner. The unbiased characteristic of both signs should be maximized to understand the inner characteristics of their partner. Pisces can influence Gemini to be in-tuned with their emotions and give them assurance that using their instinct along with their brain is perfectly fine. Likewise, Gemini should adapt more patience and slow down a bit to acknowledge, enjoy and show appreciation for the commitment, love and protection that their partner has to offer. On the other hand, Pisces will also have to do their fair share and give Gemini the space they need. Nothing is more important to Gemini than their self-determination; they don't want to be forced into something they dislike. With this in mind, if things are unworkable, honesty with oneself and respect with their partner is fitting instead of living in a lie. It will be up to the Gemini to break it gently to Pisces that it's time to move their separate paths.
When true love comes to play and if they work harder and communicate better, both Gemini and Pisces will fully support, nurture and encourage each other. They check and balance one another and have the right ingredients to adapt to whatever the situation requires. With Gemini's analytic mind and curiosity and Pisces' passion, their relationship becomes a powerful union of the heart and mind- one that will guarantee success.


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