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Compatibility Gemini and Leo


The Gemini and Leo compatibility is a good natured tandem, with both partners active, adventurous and with a positive outlook. Arguments and misunderstanding rarely happen to this couple as they like the same things and have their own way of bringing out the best in each other. Gemini will love Leo's sense of humour while Leo will admire Gemini for their wit and thirst for adventure. Boredom is not in the vocabulary of this couple and they will love each other's company for it.
Both Gemini and Leo are skilled at communication. Once their individual day is over or even if they're on it together, they find time to talk about it at night. However, these two signs have different forms of expressing themselves. While Gemini are known for being flighty that they rarely stand their ground, Leo are decisive individuals. The discussions between these two signs could sometimes lead to heated arguments. Though Gemini find it a good mental exercise, Leo take things more seriously and tend to be more emotional, hence they easily get upset in the process.
Leo is a Fire Sign and Gemini is an Air Sign. Fire feeds on Air making it burn brighter. Gemini share in Leo's spontaneity and zest for life. Both have the energy and enthusiasm to take one project after the other. Definitely, both signs can mutually benefit in the partnership. Leo by nature are born leaders, they come with authority and they stick to their decisions. Furthermore, Leo are stable and reliable individuals. They're always willing to help other people in need. Gemini, on the other hand just like the Air it represents are extremely adaptable. They're not a character of patience, hence they easily get bored and tend to be lured by a new endeavor before finishing up the previous one. The best thing is, Leo can help provide stability to the flighty Gemini who have no problem in letting their partner lead. Gemini are content with being a supporting character as long as they're not forced into it, while Leo take the spotlight.
Self-reliance is also a characteristic that best describes a Leo. They are filled with confidence believing that their ways are powerful and purposeful. They are also gifted with patience and a will to succeed, seeing through that their plans materialize regardless of how long and strenuous it takes. Alternately, Leo can also be stubborn; they are very enthusiastic and rarely budge. Because of this, they can end up hurting other people in the process. Just like Fire that represents Leo, they can burn out of control. It's a good thing that Gemini are highly skilled in communication and are flexible to change their form of expression to whatever the situation requires. They should be alert and know when to back-out when Leo get too hot to touch, in this case Gemini's Air element should be kept at check so as not to get Leo more fired up.
Gemini doesn't take love or life as seriously as a Leo does. They are busy individuals, fleeing from one venture to another that they fail to notice the drama around them. Gemini are also very sociable individuals, their outgoing personality gives other people the impression that they are single and are ready to mingle. To Gemini's credit, they may appear to be detached and often shallow but it's only because they have their own way of dealing with things, they are objective and sees the world in a bright and shiny idealism. Leo, on the other hand are considered to be one of the sexiest signs of the Zodiac. They are more emotional and passionate about love and life. Their patience and positivism will oftentimes be challenged by Gemini's free and easy attitude. Leo's endurance under these circumstances will be a great factor in the success of the relationship. By giving Gemini patience to take pace at their own time, they will learn to respect and admire Leo. Keep in mind that Gemini fall in love with the mind first and only then that they come to be in love with a person's soul. They need to have a long analysis before deciding to stick with someone.
It is also important to maximize the communication skills of both Gemini and Leo. By nature, Geminis love to talk and whenever they express a concern about the relationship, Leo should listen and respond. Geminis do not believe in the beauty of silence, they have to speak their heart out. The biggest mistake that a Leo can do is dismissing Gemini's worries. What's good about the Gemini-Leo tandem is that Leo are blessed with the leadership skills while Gemini are flexible and doesn't mind who the boss is in the relationship. With patience and diplomacy, Leo can guide Gemini towards the same direction. 
Ultimately, Gemini's love for freedom comes in conflict with Leo's possessiveness and need for a long-term relationship. Geminis do not share Leo's idea of love, family and home during the early part of the relationship. It is important that Leo does not suffocate and rush their Gemini or they will face the possibility of losing their partner.
The best aspect of the Gemini-Leo partnership is their optimistic view in life. Given their strong suits, they can complement each other. Tides are not always calm in this relationship but both signs are equipped with the qualities to adapt to each other's needs. Patience, compromise and mutual respect are essential elements to keep this relationship going.


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