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Compatibility Aries and Scorpio

The Aries and Scorpio compatibility is something to look forward to. These are two adventurous individuals who love a good fight and are thrilled by the challenges that the unknown and unfamiliar have in store for them. Their life together is like a roller-coaster filled with great happiness at one time followed by despair then back again. Their resemblance can either make or break their relationship. They act as a mirror to each other which allows them to start with a powerful bond that is intense and electrifying. However, without forging a relationship which is built on trust and acceptance, everything will be all gone.
In a lot of ways, the Ram and the Scorpion are reflections of each other's personalities, desires and approach in life but having too much similarities have its ups and downs. On the plus side, these similarities make them good sparring partners. Nothing is more exhilarating rather than having someone who understands their enthusiasm and temper; having someone to share the same level of energy and competitiveness. The downside is realized when both signs become stubborn and can't come up with a compromise. Without emotional maturity from both ends, Aries will ram their heads into the Scorpion who will retaliate with their strings.

Both Aries and Scorpio have soldierly features so they are fearless and very much determined to succeed. Submission is not anywhere in the vocabulary of this couple but intensely understand conflict and aggression. They can argue for hours but at the end of the day respect each other for being such a worthy opponent.  Once they get their heads and means together, they become a power couple who's winning attitude will get them to the top.

The Aries and Scorpio compatibility is all about passion which is unfortunately very short lived if they don't go beyond initial attraction. It is because they see themselves so much in each other that it'll take a while before these signs let their guards down and trust each other to establish a lasting relationship. Power struggle will always be an issue to this couple. They fight about almost anything. While these fights won't spoil Aries' day as they easily forgive and forget, Scorpio will brood while devising a plan to have their revenge.

Another weakness in this compatibility is that Scorpio requires great deal of intimacy which Aries lack. In relationships, Aries are loving and loyal mates and when they fall in love, they jump directly into it without a second thought. However, more than a strong will power and loyalty, Scorpio need to be pampered with expressed care and affection. They have a soft core which also needs to be tendered apart from the strong and zealous exterior. Unfortunately, expressed affection is not something Aries is familiar with. They are just too busy and tend to be self-centered to provide attention to anybody.  

The potential of the Aries-Scorpio compatibility emerges when these two signs develop mutual trust and begin to forge a partnership instead of being constantly in battle against each other. Both these signs are ambitious wherein Aries have the 'get up and go' attitude to start an endeavor but lack strategic planning which Scorpio perfectly compensate. Meanwhile, Aries have to acknowledge their partner's need for affection. Once they get to top Scorpio's emotional side, Aries would realize that they get a dependable and awesome lover who are open to exert all efforts for their loves ones. From Aries, Scorpio can learn spontaneity to do things just for the experience. Aries can introduce Scorpio to a world of animation, drive and liveliness. Moreover, Aries can teach Scorpio the emotional freedom brought upon by granting forgiveness instead of brooding.

The best part of this relationship is the Aries and Scorpio's ability to create a magnificent team. They both want the same thing: success. Alone, these signs can do great things but together they can do so much.


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