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Compatibility Aries and Libra

Aries and Libra are two opposing individuals who almost always have a strong magnetism towards each other because of their differences. Aries, the Ram are all about fire and passion; they are born initiators and have a strong drive to win. They display courage to take chances in their endeavors that help them emerge victorious. Additionally, Aries radiate energy, dynamism and confidence which will woo the conservative and gentle heart of Libra. Aries are also known for their zeal for life; their leadership qualities and optimism are also quite impressive, characteristics that Libra admire and appreciate.

Libra as represented by the Balancing Scales are known to be believers and deliverers of fairness and justice. They are born with two sides of their personality where they weigh options to come up with the most peaceful decision. Libra are known to be natural harmonizers and love a stress-free life as reflected in their beauty, charm and elegance. In the eyes of Aries, they are gentle spirits who need their protection. Libra bring out the warrior in Aries who are in search for a damsel in distress waiting for them to draw their swords and save the day.

Aries and Libra can function as a powerful team. They are like yin and yang who complete each other. Aries are famous for being spontaneous, impulsive and have a live in the moment attitude. Additionally, they are courageous spirits who are thrilled and challenged by the unknown. On the negative side, Aries can also be aggressive and violent in the name of winning; they have the tendency to be forceful and insensitive of the feelings of other people. Their passion for winning will drive them to do whatever it takes and regardless of who they hurt in the process. With these characteristics, Aries can teach Libra get tough whenever necessary to face confrontations rather than folding up to an adversary. Likewise, Aries can introduce spontaneity in Libra's life, to be brave to face something that they're not familiar with. Once they step out of their comfort zone, Libra will learn that it's alright to be uncomfortable because it means that they are growing.

On the other hand, Libra's loving personality will soften the Ram's abrasive and sometimes arrogant nature. The Scale are peace-loving individuals; they work towards a win-win situation where all the parties involved are satisfied. Instinctively, Libra want to maintain serenity and friendship; they are people-pleaser and they can offset Aries' toughness by smoothing off the rough edges with their gentler and conciliatory approach. They are good strategists and great team players looking for the good of everybody. However, Libra also have the tendency to be manipulative, being focused in their own way. They can be aggressive in their own way. Unlike Aries, they do not use a sword or a gun to win, rather using their gift of diplomacy to get their way. Owing it this to these characteristics, Libra can make Aries realize that not everything is won by being abrasive; with a little heart and gentleness, they can still get the same positive result.

Conflicts arise because these signs do not move at the same speed when it comes to decision making. Aries like to take the fast lane, choosing what sounds fun and beneficial according to their standards. They are impulsive wanting to live the moment and just go with the flow. Comparatively, Libra prefer to be stuck in traffic; they consider different angles not wanting to leave anything out. Libra won't take a move without analyzing the possible outcomes; they take their time to review then procrastinate about which is the best way to proceed. To the Scale, the proper way of doing things is by being smart, slow but sure. The Ram who doesn't like to waste time will think of this as a tedious and boring task to be involved with.

The key is for Aries and Libra to respect each other's viewpoints and find a middle ground. Aries have to accept that Libra is all about equilibrium, rushing them into anything will make them lose their identity. In the same manner, Libra have to tolerate Aries' impulsive nature. The earlier they realize that Aries need their freedom, the sooner they can see some of the benefits of Aries' spontaneity and get to enjoy it themselves. Given the love and understanding invested in this relationship, they will acknowledge that there are ups and downs in their own ways and that they have to set aside their pride and stubborn nature to see that they need one another to compensate their individual weaknesses.


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