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Compatibility Aries and Leo

The Aries and Leo are both Fire Signs which means that they are graced with passion and a tremendous zest for life. Their behavior, attitude and interests are generally the same which make them bonded and enjoy each other's company. The adventure-loving attitude of Aries is a perfect match for Leo's interest in uncovering new projects. Both signs are also very ambitious and determined; they are lively spirits who share the enthusiasm to pursue their goals.
One of the fundamental problems in the Aries-Leo match is when approval-hungry Leo's need for attention and applause doesn't get satisfied. Unfortunately, Aries are foreign in this field as they can be quite selfish and are too busy to lavish attention to anyone else. Furthermore, Aries can sometimes hurt Leo's feelings by saying hurtful words without thinking. Leo may appear confident on the outside but they can also be sensitive especially when receiving criticism from a loved one. Likewise, Aries can be annoyed by Leo's domineering nature. If they learn to tolerate each other and find a middle ground, the Aries-Leo compatibility can be potentially successful.
Both Aries and Leo bring in a masculine energy in the relationship, hence struggle for power oftentimes happens. If handled carefully, this can be a friendly competition motivating each other to improve for the better. The downside is that these signs can become too serious and let their competitive natures win them over and become fierce opponents. By nature, Aries and Leo are both stubborn and have large egos which need to be fed. They have the natural desire to boss the other one around- Aries love to be the center of attention and be viewed as the savior at the end of the day, while Leo have the tendency to control with their my-way-or-the-highway attitude. A clash of tempers will undoubtedly occur with both partners unwilling to submit; fire and fire can explosive. It is important that these signs learn to work together instead of working against each other. They have to direct their energy outwards and be successful in their own fields which will lessen the tension towards one another.
While it is inevitable that Aries love to win and Leo love to control, Aries are also known to be impulsive and indecisive while Leo are more steady and purposeful. The game plan is for Leo to use their resourcefulness to make Aries feel that they saved the day by allowing them to get into action, while Leo handle the details and give the orders in the background. This reinforces Aries' need for being in the limelight and Leo's fascination in getting a job done.
The good thing about the Aries-Leo partnership is that the fun and excitement which attracted them in the first place will often prevail over any disagreement, leading to a compromise. As they grow deeper into the relationship, they go beyond the convenience of just having a partner who relates to their passion but also someone whom they respect and admire. Leo can bring in realistic and sensible considerations. They can teach Aries the beauty of stability and allow them to realize the fulfillment in bringing a project to a completion. Conversely, Aries provide Leo the courage and drive to step ahead and take chances. They may be very alike in many ways but these two signs still have a lot to learn from each other.
For this relationship to work at its best, it is essential that past relationships are not being discussed. Aries like to feel important and hearing their partner admiring former lovers makes them defensive and irritated. Furthermore, infidelity is one of the worst crimes that anymore can commit when in relationship with Leo; they will neither forgive nor forget in a hurry. As love grows, both Aries and Leo must understand each other's need for space and power yet believe in living life to the fullest.




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