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Compatibility Aries and Capricorn

The Aries and Capricorn compatibility is an intriguing match to observe because they have a lot of common characteristics which carry the same weight as their differences. Once they can learn to allow each other to be themselves, they produce a partnership which combines the power of perseverance and great discoveries.

Aries and Capricorn are both intelligent, motivated and ambitious individuals. Aries carry the warmth of Fire making them passionate in what they do. They also have a steadfast energy eager for action at anytime, anywhere. Additionally, Aries possess courage and enthusiasm which  equip them with a confident personality to take the leadership position. Capricorn on the other hand, are also self-assured in their own way. They confidently set a higher goal for themselves; they are go-getters. Capricorn are not fond of waiting for their dreams to be served in a silver platter, rather they take risks to live their dreams as they believe that life is happening at the moment.

The fierce power that Aries are famous for is also oftentimes their weakness. They are impulsive spirits who are ready to jump into action without considering the pros and cons. Because of this, they can end up with bad decisions and when things get tough or if they get bored in the process they'll have no second thoughts of moving on. Aries also tend to be inflexible and stubborn; they are not open to the suggestion of others. They value their independence and themselves too much and sometimes in a twisted way that they fail to listen and compromise.
Aries' stubborn and impulsive nature will be highly criticized by Capricorn who may share the same zeal as their partner but are more organized. Capricorn is an Earth Sign so their feet are firmly grounded. They may lack the spontaneity that Aries have because it's fairly compensated by their ability to plan ahead allowing them to stay focused on their target and work hard to achieve their goal. Capricorn have a calculative and practical nature making them fearless and determined to win. They can take the right decision after considering all possible situations.

Once Aries acknowledge the weakness in their impulsiveness, they will learn to appreciate Capricorn's sense of responsibility and ability to strategize. Capricorn can teach Aries patience and order as well as consistency and stability. To achieve this, Aries have to stop substituting their love of self for that of reason and practicality. Be that as it may, Capricorn must tread carefully as Aries have a big ego; less criticisms will be much appreciated and will keep this relationship peaceful.

Even the competent Capricorn are not free from negatives. They can be blinded by their ambition which can make them selfish and insensitive; they tend to alienate other people during the process of reaching their objectives. Initially, this won't be a problem with Aries who are also pre-occupied with their own endeavors but if this compatibility is to work, these signs should invest enough time and affection.

Furthermore, owing it to their lack of spontaneity, Capricorn also have their share of stubbornness. They always have their eyes on the target and are firm and determined, hence they end up missing out on the fun and adventure brought about by doing things just for the experience of it. Capricorn's actions are always planned and rehearsed that they always stress themselves out to achieve perfection. For the better part of their endeavors, it'll be beneficial but they'll end up overlooking the beauty of the world around them. Aries on the other, are all about passion, creativity and imagination. They can introduce thrill, excitement and hope to their Capricorn partner.

For this relationship to work, both signs have to agree to disagree. They have to accept that further conflict is unnecessary and unproductive. Aries and Capricorn may come from different directions but they have to agree that little things cannot disunite them. With this mindset, they need to develop tolerance and adjustment and come up with amicable terms which will allow each other to retain their own identity. As love, trust, and patience develop, Aries must exert effort not to work against Capricorn. Conversely, Capricorn should try to be less rigid and not to suppress Aries' fire. Compromise is not a sign of weakness but rather of maturity.


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