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Compatibility Aries and Aries


The Aries-Aries compatibility is a collision of two energies. Aries are guided by the element of Fire and having two Fire Signs together is a volcano waiting to erupt. In this relationship, competition brings forth a love-hate duality which makes this relationship both exciting and tiring. Exciting because Aries love a good fight, hence two Aries make a good sparring partner who don't mind a little instability and chaos in their life. This love team is a combination of two energetic and enthusiastic individuals who love to try new things and competing with one another spice up their relationship. These signs are both courageous and confident individuals who put their honor above all, they won't stand down without giving a good fight. However just like any other competition, there should always be a winner and Aries don't like losing to their opponent. Because of this, the Aries-Aries love tandem becomes a stubborn fight for power if no one backs out.
It is understandable why two Aries Signs become attracted to each other, they recognize a warrior like themselves once they see one and having another warrior by their side keeps the overwhelming energy in use. This relationship encourages a clean competition and becomes a venue to continuously challenge the partners to be their best. Additionally, Aries are self-sufficient and spontaneous beings who have an insatiable thirst for adventure. Together, the Aries-Aries tandem is filled with creativity and will never be boring.
An Aries and Aries relationship can also be tiring because of the constant clash of egos which can overpower the love and care they feel for each other. Selfishness and an overdeveloped ego are to be watched out for. If they don't go past the stage of being marveled at how their partner can match their energy at love and war, their relationship will be burned to ashes by the same fire of passion that started it. The inevitable fights of power should be stopped and respect for each other's opinions have to be developed in order to keep the peace and harmony between these partners.
Aries' temper is a sight to behold. It would always be good to stand back whenever an Aries is too hot to touch, however in this case we're talking about two stubborn Aries who would not dare to step down. The world will definitely know when an Aries couple is in a fight as there would be a lot of shouting and bullying which could even get physical. To the surprise of other people, after the display of aggression, this couple will would soon be seen sweet with each other like nothing bad happened.
The good thing about the Aries-Aries compatibility is that they don't hold grudges, so although they have an aggressive way of facing their anger, they're true to themselves which helps the anger dissipate. Another advantage of this relationship is that both partners are open to their feelings, very direct and honest with each other, even when it hurts. This keeps the relationship straightforward, with no deceit and pretention.
The truth is that Aries and Aries are meant to battle because it is in their nature. The trick is to channel the energy outwards. Considering their warrior-like character, we're looking at a powerful team to watch out for ergo giving life to the proverb, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Once they realize their potential as a team, no dream will be too big, they can accomplish so much together.
Another way of dealing with the innate competitiveness of this couple is for them to have their own hobbies and interests, independently of their partner. Once they succeed in their own field, it keeps the energy in use but not against each other.
Balancing care and combativeness is a challenge in the Aries-Aries partnership. Both need some amount of competition to keep them fired up but when true love comes to play, they should be careful in their wager especially what is said in the heat of the moment. Give and take is essential; they need to adapt a system where they share control. The maturity of an Aries-Aries couple starts from removing the "I" in the equation and replacing it with "we".



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