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Compatibility Aries and Aquarius

The Aries and Aquarius compatibility is an unconventional one that has endless possibilities in terms of forging a lasting partnership. These signs start out immaturely bonded by the creativity and excitement that they share but as time goes by, like any relationship, they will undergo challenges which will make or break them. If they stay together long enough, they could do wondrous things to the surprise of spectators.

Aries and Aquarius are both adventurous spirits and their quest for something new will open the door for them to see each other's qualities.  Aquarius are known as the zodiac genius; they have a clear and analytic mind which make them great philosophers. They always think outside the box bearing a new look at things which equip them to approach the future with plans for development. Aries will come to admire Aquarius' wit and innovation; their innate competitiveness will be naturally triggered so they will push themselves to level off with their partner. As long as Aries does not take this challenge seriously but rather a good mental exercise, then they will be good sparring partners.

Aries, on the other hand are all about passion, they are gifted with extreme energy which seems to last forever. Aries are adventure freaks, spontaneous and instinctive. It's the thrill and excitement of discovering something new that keep them alive and face the world with a lot of positivity. Aquarius love people who do not only share in their daring and exciting activities but also their progressive vision. Aries will make a good partner as Aquarius will salute them for their "never give up" attitude, which reinforces their own courage in deviating from conventional thinking.  Additionally, Aries are born initiators; they are the type of people who will not wait for someone else to take the lead but rather step in to get the work started. As partners, Aries will bring to action to Aquarius' piles of innovations which brings this compatibility to the next level.

Very alike in many ways but these signs also have a wide gap to bridge when it comes to points of view. Aries, like the Fire Element that represents them are feisty and passionate spirits driven by ambition and competition. They possess warrior-like features and speak of power and confidence to conquer and win. Aggression will always be a part of this plan as they will go for extreme measures to guarantee their success.

On the up side, Aries are enthusiastic spirits, they encourage action and initiative instead of sitting on the sidelines. Contradictingly, Aquarius are known for their humanitarian ideals. Apart from the power of intellect, the Element of Air has bestowed on them the ability to radiate shining idealism and the desire to help make a better world. With these in mind, Aquarius are opposed to war; they are strong advocates of peace so they could dampen Aries' enthusiasm. Additionally, Aquarius will not engage their partner in petty fights. Because of this, Aries will feel suppressed by Aquarius' lack of emotional display leaving them wondering how to direct their thirst to battle and winning.

Another major challenge in this tandem is the tendency of both Aries and Aquarius to be stubborn. Aries can be self-absorbed and arrogant, they do not take orders or suggestions from other people; they're also fast to anger and can be blunt about it. Aquarius on the other hand, are usually detached from their emotions thinking that they have a more important role in the world instead of giving in to affection; it'll be difficult to gauge what is brewing inside of them.
Aquarius also have their own share of stubbornness and arrogance by insisting that their way is the right one. Because of these characteristics, both partners will criticize each other; Aquarius will tend to be nagging to the point of being sardonic which is something Aries despise.

To make this relationship work, both Aries and Aquarius have to agree to disagree. When things get hot to touch, these signs should walk away and give each other just enough breathing space instead of engaging each other into a fight. This is where Air should not be near Fire or else, they'll burn up their relationship to the ground.

The fact is that there is no perfect Aries-Aquarius compatibility in the same way as there is no perfect compatibility between any two zodiac signs. The good thing is such match is achievable. In the case of Aries and Aquarius, it'll be a hard work but very fulfilling. Both partners have to mature to a certain level where they accept each other's weaknesses and learn to compromise. If they get past their differences, Aries and Aquarius can blend the strength of intellect and innovation with the power of initiative and courage, creating a remarkable combination.


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