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2019 - Virgo The Year of the Pig

2019 is all about positive new beginnings, Virgo. You are very enthusiastic about expressing yourself which brings forth various opportunities in the fields of communications, marketing and sales. Structure, order and attention to details are what defines your sign, so be thankful for these gifts because it’ll make things more achievable for you. Take advantage of the positive energy in your house of money during the early part of the year because financial struggle could happen during the latter part. There can be some setbacks in work or business during this season. Success can’t be achieved without hard work and perseverance. Fortunately, romance looks strong this 2019, Virgo. Your playfulness will help serious affairs less tense. You have learned from the past that a “me” type of relationship is not the way to go. You’re more mature now and have realized that a “we” form of partnership will make love progress smoothly. Single Virgos should take it easy this 2019. Keep things fun and exciting. Chat with dates regarding less serious matters like hobbies and gossip, instead of cross-examining them regarding their past and future plans.


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