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2017 - The Year of the Rooster

A happy 2017 to you, Virgo! You could make a flying start this year. You feel powerful and you have a strong need for freedom and living space. Only when these conditions are met you will feel perfectly all right. Be careful not to irritate your partner though. Share you thoughts and feelings with him/her because the other person might feel left out. Focus on your own goals but don't forget to be there for your partner as well. If your relationship has a strong base you will be stronger in love together than on your own. You can put yourself in a vulnerable position without appearing weak. People will really feel your kindness and involvement. You will inspire a lot of people. During the first part of the year you will be a driving force at work. Prevent others from taking advantage of your success. And don't take everything that is thrown at your feet for granted. Stay alert so you are ready to grab any sudden opportunities. A pro-active attitude is important to get the most out of your career. You have the tendency to take a step back and not to take a decision when the situation becomes a bit tough. Don't forget to invest in friendships that are worth it with your busy schedule. Don't immediately run away for the smallest thing you don't like about someone else. Chase your dreams and follow your heart but make sure you don't hurt anyone along the road.


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