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2019 - The Year of the Pig

Cheers to a new year, Scorpio! Changes in the way you view yourself and how you treat others are in store for you this 2019. If you felt left out in 2018, you’ll be super charged with so much energy this year which makes you take on more challenges. Not everything will go your way, of course, but cherish these encounters. Bear in mind that strengths don’t come from what you can do. It results from overcoming the trials you once thought you aren’t capable of doing. The idea of developing your talents or acquiring new skills could cross your mind at the middle of the year. Do push through with this because it’ll increase your earning power and improve your financial status. A wonderful bonus may also come your way. In terms of relationships, try to connect on the emotional or intellectual level instead of being very businesslike. This way, it’ll be easier for others to cooperate with you and you also become more comfortable dealing with them. If you already have a partner, this season is the right time to understand and define where you stand in this relationship. This requires both parties to allow a lot of flexibility and compromise for things to work out for the better. Single? You could feel a bit lonely at the start of the year and is pressured to take on a casual love relationship. Take it slow and just enjoy the process of knowing each other. If this encounter continues until the fourth quarter of the year, move on to assess your commitment. A healthy relationship could be the outcome of this episode. .


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