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2017 - The Year of the Rooster

If you want a lot of action you might get a bit disappointed during the first months of the year. Daily life is just moving along and there's no excitement in it. Fortunately this will change after a few months and then work, dates with friends and dates with love will overwhelm you. Life is sparkling towards you and you feel like a fish in the water. Use both hands to grab golden opportunities but keep your partner's wishes in mind. That you feel good about something doesn't always mean others feel good about something. Don't hold on too tight to your principles and make sure that your decisions look reasonable and understandable for others. You can expect some major changes at work. Make sure they turn out positive for you. You have the abilities to be a great leader. Not a leader that relies on power but a leader based on inspiration and empathy. Keep working on developing these skills. You might lack some discipline from time to time though. Don't let fear stop you from chasing your passions. If you feel that things are good just go for it. Focus on your loving heart and let this lead you to take decisions.


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