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Ghost Whisperer

Episode 7

Melinda used her psychic abilities to help a ghost convince her husband that her death was not his fault. She also had to help her own husband, who had been in an accident, understand about fate and destiny.

Do you believe in fate?

Tonight's episode had a lot to do with divine intervention , fate, destiny what ever you so choose to call it. For me it does exist, everything that happens in our life is not coincidence but part of a larger plan. The way we choose to live is our choice, but what I call ‘the universe’, can make us learn certain lessons along the way, and its not until we are on the other end that we can see it for what it really is.

As a psychic I am not removed from being taught lesons from the universe. I have a perfect example of something that has been happening to me; yesterday I finally realized why the universe has been stopping me from getting my furniture and effects from interstate. My long time favourite sayings are "I’m not a materialist, material stuff means nothing to me" and "Money means nothing to me" oh boy have I learnt over the past year to eat those words humbly. No material objects aren't my God nor is money. But now I can sit back and say yeah but certain personal objects make a place homely and money is handy to have, if you want to spoil your children you can, if you want to spoil yourself you can, if a friend is in need you can help etc... So I’m now learning to say "I like my personal objects and I need to have enough money to be comfortable". My life has run a lot smoother since I realized this.

Do you believe in karma?

I also see a lot of chains of events that lead up to something significant, and there is no way us mere humans could create that on our own. I do believe in karma, what goes around, comes around. There is no need for revenge because the universe will do it far more deserving than any person could do to another. But to wish ill on someone is sad on your own soul, you should instead pitty them for not knowing better.

Have you ever been asked by a ghost for assistance while you have been busy in a hospital?

My personal experience with hospitals is; I’m usually so preoccupied with the reason for being there that I have never come across a spirit in a hospital before. I guess my brain is usually on auto pilot, as I am so consumed with worry, I don’t notice anything else. The only places I really dread going to are cemeteries and car wreakers. I guess hospitals would be a likely place for spirits however my own fear of hospitals makes me unaware of spirits trying to communicate with me.

As a medium, have you ever had a premonition about your own family?

Sometimes yes and other times no. I did get a warning when we lived on a cattle station in north Queensland, my boss and I were sitting at the kitchen table working out the shopping for the next days trip into town. All of a sudden he looked at me and I looked at him and we bolted, neither knew why but we knew to bolt to the dam we were filling. Even though this dam had an electric fence my daughter had followed the puppies that were going to get a drink and had crawled under the fence and had gone down with the puppies into the bottom of the dam. We got there and saw my daughter upto her waist in water which was rising quickly. My boss didnt even think, he dove in and got her out of the mud. But even though both of us hadn't heard a sound we knew to get to that dam. What caused us both to bolt to the dam, to this day we have no idea. This is what makes me know there is something out there controlling the overall picture, not the day to day decisions. We choose the path, universe chooses the destination. I have countless other events similar to this.

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