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What is a Premonition?

One of the most common and perhaps the most popular psychic ability is premonition. This is the ability to see the future. Many seek the guidance of psychics because of this ability. Most want to know the future to have less regrets. Fortunately, psychics can help them with it.

Premonitions can be differentiated from precognition, as premonitions are more sense-oriented being influenced by a syndrome of psychical unease, depression, or distress that has no explanation, while precognitions are more based on knowledge of the future.

There is no reasonable explanation as to why some people are made known to the danger that lay ahead of them, and they may affect the individuals overall psychic openness either in a positive manner or negative manner.

Although the word premonition literally means forewarning or foreboding about the future events- whether sad or happy, it is generally associated with an unpleasant occurrence and that too which is imminent- just around the corner.

There are, however, countless instances of people having premonitions about pleasant happenings as well- winning a lottery ticket or landing upon a lucrative job.

Unfortunately scientists and rationalists shrug off the psychic phenomena as mere figments of imagination. Nonetheless, many scientists assert that such events should not be rejected outrightly just because it cannot be proved in the laboratories. All that is currently considered as scientifically proven knowledge was in the domain of the unknown before it was tried, experimented and authenticated.

The phenomena of premonition dates back to ancient times when people often approached the soothsayers, prophets or oracles to seek clarifications of the seemingly ominous occurrences—dogs barking, stars falling, appearance of swarms of  ravens, thunderous storms and cloud bursts etc.

People continue to have premonitions which come true worldwide. They are being documented in print and visual media paradoxically by the scientists and rationalists themselves. The corpus of such evidence continues to grow at phenomenal rates.

A psychic is more sensitive to such premonitions than ordinary people. The difference between an ordinary person and psychic experiencing premonitions is that while an ordinary person may just have a vague, blurred and transient awareness of the coming event, the mental radar of a psychic is very sensitive. It picks up the signals clearly, registers the occurrence of such premonitions in bold lines and words on his radar screen and interprets them accurately in  context of the times or the situation. A psychic is an extraordinarily evolved person and his intuitions of the other world are very clear and razor sharp.


What kinds of people have premonitions?

You do not have to be a supersensitive person endowed with special powers of extrasensory perceptions in order to have premonitions. Even the commonest of people have premonitions and they also come true provided they are naturally focussed on the issues that concern them most.

Here are some of the documented instances of premonitions coming true:

Lots of people had premonitions of the September 11 attack on Word Trade Centre in forms of dreams, visions and ominous feelings. They exchanged messages with their friends and dear-ones and narrated the premonitions of disastrous event. They saw explosions, fires and dense clouds of black smoke billowing upwards.

A U.S. army man, Charles Bernuth, who participated in 1945 war with Germany, was one night driving with two colleagues. Suddenly he felt that there was something bad on the road he was following. Despite the protests of his colleagues, he stopped the jeep and walked about 50 yards to find that the bridge that they were about to cross had been blasted leaving a 75 feet drop.

Again, during World War II, Mona Miller of London was evacuated along with her kids to Babbacombe in Devon, considered a safe place. Nonetheless, she felt uneasy staying there and despite contrary advice, took a flight on Saturday   to go back to her house in London. A few days later she received a message from a friend saying that the Devon house she was staying in was demolished by three bombs on Sunday killing all the neighbours as well.

Carole Davies, a 16-year old girl was visiting an amusement arcade along with some friends during  1970s when she suddenly sensed that  something ominous was about to occur. She immediately left the place and went to a restaurant close by. Just as they were about to take the seats, they heard the sirens shrieking in the street. As they came out from there the entire structure of the arcade had collapsed and a person was being pulled out of the garbage.

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