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Ghost Whisperer

Episode 3

Melinda used her psychic ability to help a spirit reveal her awful secret and to accept forgiveness from her still living twin sister. She also helped the spirit to understand that her sister could go on living with out her.

Is it strange when you are talking with ghosts in public?

I thankfully don’t have to talk out loud to spirits to get my voice across, so I never have embarrassing moments talking to spirits. They talk to me through my mind via images or their voices not my own, it’s like I can hear their voice, known as clairaudience. It comes through in their language they used and in their accent etc... It all depends on the message they want me to translate over to this world. The only time I use my voice out loud to communicate with a spirit, is when the spirit or a group of spirits refuse to listen and I want to stress my point to them.

Melinda remembered speaking to her grandmother’s spirit before she knew her grandmother had passed away. Has this ever happened to you?

I have heard many stories about spirits going to a particular person the moment they pass away. I believe a spirit can choose to be with someone the moment they die if they wish to. A lot of people keep it inside, if they see the spirit of a friend or relative at the precise moment they died or some strange thing happened the moment that person died, probably for fear of being called insane. It can be a burden for young children until they realize the person came to say their final goodbyes and to let them know they loved them very dearly.

I experienced this happening to me when I was 16, my mother's best friends husband (he was my second dad) was very sick with Cancer, he meant the world to me. One night I was woken in middle of the night and sat upright in bed, and he was standing at the end of my bed and smiled then he vanished. The next morning I was telling mum, just before the phone started to ring. It was Val, mum wasn’t surprised when Val told her Bazz had gone.

Val has also passed now and even though I miss them very dearly, I find when I’m in danger they appear together and get me out of the situation. I am forever grateful for what they do in my life and I will always love them.

Can spirits have an affect on people that can’t see or hear them?

I know spirits can talk to us and even though some people don’t directly hear they do respond to the words the spirit says to them. Like when the twin sister who had died was yelling in her ear when her sister’s boyfriend was around. Even though she couldn’t ‘hear’ her sister she was reacting as if she had heard. Spirits seem to be able to talk to our subconscious and we react to that inner feeling what ever it may be. I haven't directly experienced this as I won’t let spirits do this to me. I have had clients who have gone through this and it can be very disturbing and often they will be considered "mentally disturbed" but they are just reacting to something they have no idea of.

What was it like for you watching the behavior of the daughter that had passed away?

One thing I did like was when the daughter who had passed explained to the father how she had felt invisible even when she was alive. You would be amazed how many spirits come to me with the same impression. We parents have a huge roll and even the slightest put down can really affect a child/adult through out their life even though to us it might have meant nothing or was just a silly joke. We forget that they are sponges and they take in everything we say, and can honestly take it to heart for years of their life. Parents need to tell their kids how proud they are of them with meaning every now and then, because you never really know what is around the corner and you just might never get the chance to say it, so don’t let that chance go while you have it. They are precious earth angels!

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