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The definition telekinesis - what is telekinesis

Telekinesis, a combination of two elements, tele and kinesis can be etymologically traced to a Greek origin. While tele means distance, kinesis means movement. Telekinesis, or distant movement, is a psychic term for kinetic energy in physics. Simply stated, it means using psychic energy to create action and movement -- to move objects from one place to another, or, reshape them without using physical powers.

Telekinesis, as a form of psychic energy, is only a manifestation of the Universal life force or spiritual energy or Chi in Chinese. When used in an extremely focused, pinpoint concentrated form, it can be transformed into physical energy that can move or reshape the objects. The famous adage that faith can move mountains expresses the same belief in the immense possibilities of this psychic potential. Telekinesis, by extension of its meaning, can be used to remote-influence the behavior of man and matter by transmitting dense streams of psychic energy towards the object.

Psychic Healing - how to use telekinesis

Psychics can use this power to improve the levels of physical health and promote healing. They can suggest remedies for the incurable chronic maladies and can transform the attitude of the clients. An acutely depressed, hardened, suicidal, negative thinking person can be morphed into a never-say-die optimist with a new zest for life.

Can I learn telekinesis, How to do Telekinesis

Although every one possesses the telekinesis ability in rudimentary and latent form, it is primarily the psychics who develop telekinsis and tap its full potential. The human brain has immense power and the ordinary people utilize only a fraction of their psychic power. Psychics however are psychically more developed which makes learning telekinesis much easier for them.

Great scientists like Einstein used their brainpower to a much larger extent than the ordinary people. It is said that even he or his counterparts in other areas too did not tap more than half of their actual psychic abilities. Considering their level of achievement, it is difficult to imagine the heights to which they would have risen had they used 100% of their potential.

One of the aims of psychics is to tap this brain potential and make full use of the ability of telekinesis.

Different ways how to develop telekinesis

Another way telekinesis can be explained is through mesmerism. Through this process the mentor transmits powerful psychic suggestions to his subject, so that the latter begins to believe in or have faith in what his mentor says and begins to act as instructed. This leads him to leave the consciousness of his physical self and start his journey into another plane as directed by the mentor. The whole exercise is aimed at enabling him to delve Leep into his subconscious state and free him from the baggage of negative thoughts and associations. In course of time, the patient is completely healed. His health and his outlook are ‘changed and reshaped’ through telekinetic hypnosis.

Telekinesis is also quite often associated with moving and reshaping metal objects like bending spoons. It must, however, be noted that the psychic abilities are gifted by higher psychic powers to be used for altruistic purposes and for elevating the sufferings of human beings, rather than for showmanship of a magician for the entertainment and self aggrandizement.

Telekinesis can be used at higher levels also. It can be used to move the astral body by the power of will or thought. Any one with determination and perseverance can learn this ability. The steps used to learn this telekinesis technique involve:

  1. Sitting at a quiet place and visualizing your astral body.
  2. Infusing your energy into your visual or astral body.
  3. Moving your astral body left or right, forward, backward or to the center using your will power or telekinesis.

The practice has to be done over a long period of time.

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