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What is a Tarot Reading?

Origin of Tarot

The origin of tarot reading can be traced to hoary past. Some people are of the opinion that the system was in vogue even 2,500 years ago. Tarot reading was and is still considered as a great tool in divination.

What is a Tarot Reading?

Tarot reading involves the use of cards drawn from a shuffled deck. A deck  consists of 78 cards out of which 22 cards are called major arcana or trumps. Some of the trumps are the Lovers, the Fool, the Pope and the World. Tarot readers believe that the Trumps are the “blue print for of the human race in the future.”

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The remaining 56 cards are called minor arcana. Cards in Minor arcana are divided into four suits with each suit consisting of 14 cards. The Four Suit of the Minor Arcana consists of:

How the Tarot Reading works

The tarot deck is either shuffled by the client or a third party reader. The next step is to lay out the cards in certain patterns. These patterns are called spreads. Each card in the spread possesses some psychic significance.

They are then read out or interpreted by the psychic reader of the tarot cards. The readings or interpretations may revolve around the thoughts or desires of the client. The tarot reader may also try to divine the future, present or the past of the client.

Generally each card of the spread is assigned a number and the cards are turned over in that sequence. Each card is ‘read out’ before moving on to the next.

Sometimes a tarot reader may select a card randomly, or, he may select the first card in a spread, if he considers it as representing the query of the client. The card is called significator.

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Tarot Readings for Love Issues and Concerns

Tarot readings are popular types of psychical reading with the use of a deck of specially designed tarot card deck. There are different artworks used for different tarot card deck which is usually composed of more than 78 cards. Although the artworks and designs are diverse and varied, the symbolic meaning of each card is the same.

Tarot card reading have innumerable benefits and advantages then and now. People have been seeking psychic guidance and advice particularly through the use of tarot cards. Those who are struggling with love and relationship problems prefer this method of psychic reading. Here are some of the reasons why love issues and concerns are effectively solved through tarot card reading:

Love is a very complex thing to deal with. Tarot readings could offer clarity for a better understanding and perspective of things which could affect and influence your love life.


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