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When someone mentions the word “psychic”, the most common images  that often  come up on a person’s mind would be that of an old lady gazing at a crystal ball,  and predicting the future.  Well, apart from this, there are actually a lot of psychic skills and abilities. Some psychics use Tarot cards to predict the future, while others harness spirit guides to gain information (mediumship), and others have the ability to perceive information by merely touching an object. Have you ever heard about psychic scrying? Well, if not, let’s take a brief, but interesting look at what scrying is all about.

How Scrying Is Performed

Psychic scrying is defined as the art of divination, which is performed by looking at a crystal ball or mirror, until the psychic is able to see visions, images and other supernatural information. The term was actually coined from an English word which means “to succeed in discerning”.

The visions that a psychic “scryer” often sees may differ, depending on the medium used. For example, if the medium is water, then the visions could be seen from the water’s color, ebb or flow, or from the ripples that are created when pebbles are dropped in a pool or pond. If a crystal ball is used, the visions could be seen from the cloudy glow within the ball, or from small, web-like images or insertions. Scrying is also often done in a trance-like state, and once the individual enters a trance-like state, he is able to get a free association with the perceived images or visions.


“Scrying” comes from the English word “descry” which means “to succeed in discerning” or “to make out dimly.” psychic scrying

Scrying is a method of divination that is performed by gazing into a crystal ball or mirror until the psychic or clairvoyant visions are seen on the surface of the minds eye. Scrying is an old art form that can be traced back to the Egyptians and Arabs.

The tool used by scryers, named a speculum, can be any object that works with anyone, but has a reflective surface. The most common and oldest speculum is a lake with still water, even a pond or dark bowl.

Scryers usually have their own techniques for inducing their visions. Some use crystals to focus, others enter a state of unconsciousness and allow images to float into their mind and inner awareness.

It is possible to learn the art of Scrying with patience and practice. The key to success is to relax the body and mind and put the mind into a passive, unfocused state. Ttrain to become a psychic scryer please click Psychic Ttraining.

When and Where Did Scrying Originate?

For centuries, scrying has been valued both in the east and west, for a number of reasons. Ancient Egyptians where known to have gazed on reflective surfaces of ink pools, while the Romans where known to have used crystals.  Other groups used smooth surfaces, whiles others utilized a pond or a bowl of liquid. In the early 19th century, The Order of the Golden Dawn, an occult organization, was also known to have used scrying to perceive or gain information.  Perhaps the most famous psychic who used scrying was Nostradamus, who used a bowl of water, to take a peek into the future, while he was in a trance.

What Are The Practical Uses Of Scrying?

Despite the advances in modern technology, psychic scrying is still used for a number of practical applications. For example, today’s parapsychologists still use it for gathering more evide3nce on psychic abilities in the laboratory. The Mind Research Institute in the US for example, was noted to have used it to enable people to experience an “altered state of consciousness”, with the goal of communicating with the souls of the dead, or summoning apparitions.  Scrying has also been featured in popular films like The Lord of the Rings, as well as in popular video games like Clive Barker’s “Undying”. 

While most people associate scrying as a tool for seeing the future, it’s actually used to visit the past too. To achieve a trance-like state when scrying, stare at the object, and allow your eyes to wander (or go out of focus). And as your eyes get out of focus, it should slowly be able to see a second image, and allow you to either step into a different time zone, or spiritual realm.

Among the different skills that psychics possess, one of them is called "scrying". For the uninformed, "scrying" is done by gazing, or focusing your eyes on a mirror or crystal ball, or some other object, to see symbols, visions or scenes which reflect the past, present or future. The art of scrying has long been hailed as a great tradition, which spans centuries already.

The Early Roots Of Scrying

According to psychic phenomena researchers, archeologists were noted to have found the remains of shiny discs, in the graves of women in an excavation site located somewhere in the Middle East. These obsidian discs were noted to have been used by the women (who were believed to be priestesses) , for looking into the past, as well as the future. The ancient Romans also used crystals for scrying, while the Egyptians used reflective surfaces on pools of ink.

Could You Learn Scrying?

Each one of us is believed to possess some form of psychic ability. The sad thing however, is that most of us either are too lazy, or too busy to notice it, and only a few dare to dig deeper into their subconscious, and tap their psychic inner self. Well, if you think you have some form of psychic skill, and you wish to learn how to do scrying, here are a couple of helpful tips. First, you will need to make it a habit to meditate. Meditation is very helpful, because it helps the budding psychic clear his or her mind, and ease out any outside worries or interferences. Next, find a relaxing and spot, where you can meditate, and bring along a crystal ball, mirror or any object that reflects light. Allow you mind to clear itself of all thoughts, and focus your eyes on the crystal ball or mirror (until you feel like being in a trance-like state).

While at first, you'd probably not see anything of value or meaning, with constant meditation and focus, you will slowly see images, symbols, which often play or fan out like a film playing out before your very eyes. Let your mind and eye stay still as the images come racing off, or showing. After the images or visions flicker, take notes of what you see, and write the images or visions you see in a journal.

Despite the advances in modern technology, more and more people continue to flock to psychics, to seek answers to a wide array of questions, whether for practical reasons, or for more in-depth spiritual or supernatural questions. Scrying also continues to be used for a lot of practical applications, apart from plain divination. In the US for example, the Mind Research Institute has been doing further tests on scrying, to allow people to experience what is called an "altered state of consciousness". In popular culture scrying is also widely used or highlighted. In the popular movie "The Lord of The Rings" for instance, the characters were noted to have used scrying, or consulted with psychics who knew how to do it.

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