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Psychic Questions

Asking the right questions is as much an art as answering them. Wrongly worded, indefinite, unsure and badly framed questions defeat the purpose of seeking psychic guidance and assistance. They may irritate the psychic, waste your time and money, besides diluting the solemnity of the occasion.

It is always advisable to write down the questions before asking them. It may save you the embarrassment of thinking up or fumbling with the next question and framing it in appropriate language. If possible, also make a list of follow-up questions.

Avoid asking questions that can be answered in just ‘yes’ or ‘no’. For example, do not ask: Should I divorce my spouse?  This is a kind of passive question. Instead, frame an active question in a manner so that you are fully enlightened by the psychic’s answer. You may ask: Please guide me how I can seek divorce. Or, show me how I should go about in my relationship with my …. How do I get a positive response? Why do I feel so much depressed at the place of my work? And so on.

You may have to ask questions on your:

An intelligently framed question pleases the host and elicits detailed answers packed with relevant facts. A psychic is essentially a spiritual guru or a master. Ask your questions with the humility of the person who seeks the light of wisdom. Do not act smart with him. Do not try to test his knowledge. Long-winded and irrelevant questions may not serve the purpose. Be straight forward and to the point.

Psychics have very powerful intuitions. They may have connected with you even before you approach them with your problems and questions. So go thoroughly prepared so that your encounter with her turns into an enlightening, dynamic and powerful session.

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