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For each question, select a box for an answer.

What is Psi?

Psi is the twenty third letter of the Greek Alphabet, and is used in parapsychology to include extra sensory perception and psycho kinesis.

This game is merely intended for fun, therefore, the outcomes of the game should be considered as merely coincidently and should be taken lightly. For an indepth Psychic Reading, please do not hesistate to contact one of Our Professional and Qualified Psychics, who will provide you with accurate information regarding your future life.

Your Favourite Colour is
Your Favourite Past Time is
Your Personality type is
Your most positive quality is
Your feeling towards your friends
You have deep love for

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One form of Psychic Test is the "Psi Game"

The word 'psi' is actually the twenty-third letter of the Greek alphabet, and this test is often used to determine, as well as analyze a person's extra sensory perception (ESP)  and psychokinesis skills. The game features small boxes/containers, which hold answers to a specific question.  The person taking the test selects a box for their answer, and they will also be given the chance to predict which box or container holds the right answer.  And while the game is often considered by academics to be fun but not scientifically proven, it could actually offer vital clues to how psychic a person truly is.


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