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The term ‘online psychic’ means that you can get psychic readings over the internet whenever you want.  You can get them online over the chat platform of the psychic website that you may be visiting. You type out your questions and receive their answers instantly. Or, you can also use your telephone.
It does not matter whether you visit the psychic website during the day or night; you can get online psychic. It also does not mean that the psychics remain awake round the clock. It only means that some psychics may be available at odd hours as well.
This is done to answer the queries of the clients who do not fall within the time zone of the psychic’s location as well as those who prefer to work at odd hours at night. If you have a special preference for a particular psychic, then you will have to seek his/her appointment before asking your query.
There are different types of online psychics depending upon the tools or the methods that they use to make their predictions.  Most psychics are known by the tools they use. Thus we have clairvoyant psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, crystal ball gazers, numerologists, palmists and so on.

 Here is a brief description of how the online tarot readers deliver the readings.

Online tarot readers

Tarot cards are like the ordinary playing cards with the only difference that they are printed with some mysterious looking colorful pictures and symbols.

These pictures and symbols represent the archetypal desires, dreams aspirations of the people and what efforts they make to realize them. They also depict their follies and foibles, successes and failures as they traverse across the journey of their life.
It is quite obvious that the online tarot readers cannot use the physical cardboard cards; they use digital cards. You find a card spread on the computer screen with their front sides hidden. You mentally pick up a card with a question in your mind and hit upon it. You are taken to the next page where you get the reading.
It is interesting to note that while the number of tarot cards remains the same, they can evoke any number of psychic readings for queries from any number of clients. Not only that, the same tarot reader may provide different readings to the same client on different occasions.
A pertinent question arises: why do the psychic readings and predictions change even though the tarot readers and the clients remain the same?
The answer to this question is that the intensity of our moods, thoughts, feelings, and emotions remain under a constant state of flux.
For example, if the levels of anger/jealousy/happiness could be measured by a thermometer, it would not remain at the highest/lowest temperature all the time. They would continue to fluctuate almost every moment.
The clients visit the tarot readers with certain mental make-up that is determined by the nature of the questions and problems that are occupying their thoughts. Their thoughts, emotions and feelings generate unique energy vibrations at the precise moment they ask the question and select the tarot card.
Now as soon as they see the pictures and the symbols on the card, their reactions to them again change their feelings and emotions and their corresponding vibrations.
This is quite a common experience with the gamblers and other card games players. They select the cards with certain hopes, desires expectations. If the selected card turns out to be what they desire, they shout ‘vow’, if not, they give out sad exclamations.

The tarot readers or for that matter all other psychics are like reflectors of your mental attitudes, thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires. 

In other words, they react to the vibes of the clients being generated at the precise moment they ask their questions and hence their readings also differ accordingly.


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Friday, 1 June 2012


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