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The Different Types of Mediumship

The suffix 'ship' can make a noun means the ability or skill thus making mediumship as a skill a medium has. Mediums are psychics who can channel and communicate with spirits like those of the dead. This kind of ability is what mediums are known for but this raises many skeptics. It is really hard to fathom the idea that there are people who serve as bridge between the spirit and the living world. But for those who have the courage to believe then you can add to your knowledge how mediums work with different kinds of mediumship.

Psychic Medium RealmFirst, there is what is called the trance mediumship.

This may be one of the most popular one because we normally see it portrayed in movies. In trance mediumship, the psychic makes his body vulnerable so that spirits can take over. Good and experienced psychic can control the taking over but some are caught off guard. You should be aware that some remains conscious and aware of what is happening but some do not. When the medium is unconscious, it is for you to talk to the spirit and gain information through physical communication.

Second, there is what is called the mental mediumship.

Mediums serve as a channel between the spirit and the living world. They send and receive messages to and from them. They do not do this with their outer senses but mentally. Psychic mediums have the ability to work their minds so that they can focus to spirits who send them messages. Psychic reading can also be done with the mental mediumship. The higher realm or spirit guides send valuable information to the psychic and it is in the psychic's ability to relay them to their client.

Third, there is what is called the direct voice.

Though psychic medium serves as a channel, spirits can also speak independently from them. In direct voice mediumship, spirits talk directly to the living world. The psychic medium helps to amplify the sounds for it to be audible. This can be scary for those who do not know but psychic knows that the words sent are very valuable. Direct voice also allows the psychic medium to take part to the conversation since he is not serving as the channel but as a facilitator.

These are just three of the ways that a psychic medium can help us to communicate with the spirits especially of a departed loved one. Psychic medium's ability is very powerful but we should know its limitations. Psychic mediumship should never be used to communicate with negative spirits. A good and genuine psychic medium will not allow this but if in case you encounter a psychic that will, you should consider the possible negative outcomes. A psychic medium's ability should be used for the purpose of love or the wanting of valuable information. Just make sure you are prepared to whatever you are about to find out or see when you consult a psychic medium. Just keep your intentions good and minds open to make your psychic medium session a fulfilling one.


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