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Can psychics really predict the future?

For centuries, from the ancient times to the modern digital era, humans have always been curious about predicting or foreseeing the future.  History is also filled with accounts of individuals who were blessed with the unique ability to predict the future.  You too may have probably heard of names like Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon, Uri Geller and Nostradamus.  

Can We Alter what Happens To Us In The Future?

According to critics of psychic research, each one of us has the ability to create our own future, through our thoughts, words, actions and intentions.  These critics also counter that each idea or thought we think often sets up or sparks a vibration, which may have the ability to change what happens in the future.  And even as we are already creating the “future”, the thoughts can come afterward are also likely to change that “already-created future”.  Hence, this means that the future is always in flux.  However, veteran psychics continue to assert that there is a way for one to predict the future, and change the outcome.

What's The Purpose of A Psychic Reading?

A psychic is someone who has the ability to sense, perceive and interpret a person's aura and energy, and help the individual come up with a series of solutions to fix the various issues in the person's life. A psychic reading can offer guidance and direction, along with a clear perspective on how the individual should handle his or her situation.  The psychic reader can also employ a number of techniques, rituals and tools in doing a reading.  The psychic can use a Tarot or Rune card, or he/she can evoke the guidance of a spiritual guide to help interpret a person's aura or energy. Some psychics also use incenses, spells and candles to help with a psychic reading. To have a successful psychic reading, the seeker must have an open mind, and he or she should be receptive to the advice or directions offered by the psychic. If for example, a person is skeptical at the onset, this skepticism can greatly influence the outcome of a reading, hence the psychic will not be able to get a full reading from you.   

If you're looking for guidance on a host of life-changing issues or concerns, a psychic can help you sort things out, and provide you guidance on what to do to change your flagging fortunes. And while no psychic is ever one hundred percent accurate in predicting the future or interpreting a person's aura, the psychic expert can only read what the current situation hold. To make for a successful reading, the seeker also has to do his or her part.  The seeker must be honest with what they reveal or share to the psychic, and they should not just be there to 'test' the psychic.  

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012



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