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How To Do Time Management?


What does time management mean?

Time management, in simple language, means making the optimum use of time or getting the best benefits from it. How much benefit you can derive from a specific span of time depends upon your skills, tools and techniques to accomplish the tasks at hand.

If you have to chop a log of wood and you have only the ordinary age-old axe to do so, you will take hours to accomplish the task. On the other hand, you can chop the same log in a matter of minutes with a motorized cutting device. You do not need any skill to cut the wood with the axe, but you need special training, tools and techniques to chop it mechanically.

Doing time management, therefore, depends upon lots of activities including planning, setting goals, delegation of tasks, analysis of time spent, monitoring, organizing, scheduling, prioritizing and so on. It is evident from above that doing time management involves lots of   planning and execution, which requires a combination of processes, tools and techniques.

Everybody is struggling to make the best use of his time. Your happiness or frustration at the end of the day depends upon how successfully you managed your time on that day.

If we look a bit deeper into the issue of doing time management, we will see that time by itself is neither manageable nor controllable. It just keeps running out. It is us— ourselves—that we have to manage to get the best out of time.

Here are certain dos and don’ts to manage ourselves in the name of doing the time management.

Have a well-defined goal

Be clear and realistic about what you want to achieve in a given span of time. Do not set a goal that cannot be achieved. To express it in a proverbial way, do not bite more than you can chew. If, for example, you can read and understand a 200-page book in five hours, you may set your goal to reading 175-225 pages.

Make a plan

Making a plan to execute a job is the best approach. Most people know what they want to achieve and they are hardworking too, but they do not have a plan to do it. They go about their job in a haphazard manner without going into minute detail. For example, if you have to finish a project in one year; you must fix quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily goals to accomplish the project.

Fixing right priorities

Consider what parts of your project are more important than the others. Sometimes certain tasks are fundamental to the execution of the whole plan and, therefore, they need to be attended to on priority basis.

To illustrate the point, if you have to learn driving a car, you must first understand the theory of driving, the names of the tools that are used to drive the car, the road signs, driving rules and so on. It would be quite dangerous to sit on the driving seat and switch on the car engine before learning anything about it.

Learning the right skills

Each job requires the knowledge of specific skills for its successful completion. If you want to paint a picture, you must know about the canvas, colors, shades, paintbrushes, scales and above all how to control your fingers and hands as you paint.

Getting the right tools

Knowledge of skills remains useless without the right tools to put them into practice. If you know how to repair a car, you must have the necessary tools such as hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, welding, cutting, molding machines and every other tool that is needed in automobile repair.

Tools differ from project to project. If you are a software engineer, you need computer skills and tools to develop and repair software.

Doing time management is a highly complicated work and depends upon the nature of your job and your personal assets such as training, experience, skills, tools, objectives and the time frame.




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