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Bring Back the Love in Your Life


bring the love back in your lifeRemember the days when you and your spouse courted each other before marriage. How you cooed: I love you and I love you too. You wrote long mails or letters detailing how you missed each other or how difficult it was to spend time without each other. 

You described how your loved one remained all the time in your thoughts day in and day out! Above all, how eagerly you awaited such love messages from each other and how happy you felt on receiving them!

How come you have forgotten to write those love notes now that you are married? Remember the pleasure these love messages evoked! Do not underestimate their importance in sustaining and further strengthening your love for your spouse.

Often the couples start taking each other for granted after their marriage. Consequently, the love between them tends to become stale leading sometimes to the loss of interest, which further worsens the relationship.

So a love note sent off and on revives the flavor of the good old days of romance. It communicates that your love, despite your busy life, still remains as fresh as it was when you fell in love with each other.

Things to do to show love and affection to your partner and family

The key is to express your sincerity and concern for her well-being. Tell her how bad you feel because she remains so much overworked with the domestic chores and so on.

As a wife, you may tell your husband how grateful and happy you feel for bringing the much needed wrist watch, a new pair of jeans, shoes, a coffee maker, juicer-grinder or a vacuum cleaner and so on.

Tell him how thoughtful he is about your needs and comforts! There is no person around who does not feel happy on being appreciated. This probably is the reason why even casually uttered phrases like ‘thank you’ have a pleasing impact on the listeners.

Playing small games with your family strengthens the bonds of love. Don’t forget that your children and wife await you eagerly all the daylong when you are away to your office or place of work.
Playing small games like monopoly, scrabbles, and cards or on computer with your wife and kids creates a very healthy and joyous environment in the home. All these things together make what we call a ‘sweet home’.

It is always a good idea to bring something for your kids when you are on your way back home from your office, even though it may be a small piece of chocolate, a storybook or a small toy.  Play with them with the toy or read the story from the book you have brought.

Small is the keyword that matters. You cannot afford to bring big and costly gifts on regular basis. A tiny gift for your wife that she may have wanted for a long time may deeply touch her heart.
 It may be a pack of cookies she loves to eat, a book by her favorite author or a jacket that she saw the heroine wearing in a movie that you watched together in a cinema hall. A small kiss on her cheeks or a hug when you leave for your office or come back may suffice to fill her heart with pleasure and love for you.

Your spouse and your kids may be full of some news, a problem or even a complaint against you.  Listen to them carefully and patiently until they are done with their talking.


These small gestures go a long way in making the family life happy and responsive to each other’s needs.



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