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A Step-By-Step Guide to Psychic Meditation

A psychic can never elevate his or her consciousness to a higher realm, nor can he predict the future, if he DOES NOT master the art of meditation.  Meditation brings a host of benefits to the psychic. First, it brings forth a peaceful, serene inner state, which is beneficial to both mind, body and spirit.  The time spent meditating also allows the psychic to communicate and connect with the spirit world, and enables him or her to have a more meaningful visionary experience.  Here's an easy-to-follow guide to psychic meditation.

Meditation – A Simple Exercise With Powerful Benefits

Meditation may seem like a simple process, however it can offer a host of positive benefits, according to psychic researchers.  It can be used for sharpening a psychic's abilities, as well as for enhancing personal development.  There are actually a number of meditation techniques to follow, with each method having specific purpose, which can be blended or incorporated into an existing psychic enhancement program.  In Eastern traditions, meditation goes a notch higher compared to the meditation techniques done in the West, as they evoke special powers like lucid dreaming, autonomic nervous system control, subliminal sound awareness and astral projection.

How to MeditatePsychic Meditation

Meditation allows the mind to relax and steer clear of any distractions. It also allows psychics to elevate consciousness to a higher realm. Here's an easy-to-follow guide on how to properly meditate, and raise your psychic awareness to greater levels.

  1. Sit on a quiet room, and let your thoughts run freely across your mind. Watch your thoughts as if they were film images, and observe each of them. Make sure you are fully relaxed and at ease, so that your mind can freely deliver all sorts of images, visions and emotions. All you need to do is just observe whatever thought or emotions come into mind, and let them go naturally.
  2. Note whatever emotions or feelings come your way. By noting down each emotion or idea, you can fully analyze the meaning of each vision, image, thing or event.
  3. If the thoughts and emotions express themselves as visions in your mind, do not allow yourself to be carried away, and attached to it. Make sure you remain a detached observer, even if the visions contain interesting prophecies.
  4. Listen, and focus your senses on any sound or noise in your vicinity. If it's a ticking clock, or the sound of an electrical appliance, make sure you observe the sounds as well, and then let go afterward.
  5. Constantly practice meditating. Eventually, you will be able to free your mind of all worldly distractions, and you will be able to enter into a peaceful, serene state that's required for successful psychics. Always remember that meditating is just like sleeping, and it certainly cannot be taught in a classroom-type setting. It is something that comes by itself, and you need to practice it, in order for you to fully discover your inner potentials.



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