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Love Numerology

Numerology exposes a lot about a person’s personality traits. Numerology can be used to determine if both persons are compatible.

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Couple in Love

Calculating the character numbers of each partner and comparing them to a certain pattern will determine if they are compatible. If both character numbers of both partners jive, then they are a perfect match. If their numbers do not match then the chances for their relationship to work will depend on how they work on it.

Numerology is a good means to ensure a compatible long lasting relationship. It is also a good thing to consult a numerologist when you and your partner are trying to resolve issues pertaining to your relationship.

There are some numbers that easily jive with each other and some numbers that may seem to be in conflict. Numerology uses Lifepath and Destiny numbers.  Lifepath numbers are the most important and each person can calculate her own Lifepath number. Lifepath numbers are based on your date of birth. Two persons are compatible when their Lifepath numbers are compatible. Lifepath numbers show a person’s personality traits and some natural fondness a person has from the time of her birth. When both partners’ Lifepath numbers are not compatible, they should be able to compromise so they can maintain a degree of happiness.

Destiny numbers are also important. Destiny numbers are calculated based on your full name. There is a table guide that converts the letters in your name into a single digit number. The Destiny number determines the path in life that you must struggle to achieve.

Love Numerology works by converting to numbers your full name and date of birth and that of your partner. The compatibility between the numbers are then calculated and determined. The result of the Love Numerology could either be “Not compatible,” “Neutral,” “Compatible,” or “Very compatible.”


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