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Dreams are the stuff man is made of. Dreams constitute his psychic personality. The word ‘dreams’, besides being a visual manifestation in sleep, is also synonymous with aspirations, Leep desires, hopes or longings that drive a person to act. They program the thought process of the man. They appear before his mind’s psychic eye while he is asleep and manifest themselves in phantasmagoric world which may be akin to or even different from his real wakeful life. Dreams have a Leep connection and significant implications for the person who sees them. When the Leeply cherished desires and aspirations are thwarted, they appear in the form of dreams sometimes cogent and sometimes incoherent. Sometimes you are puzzled about the relationships of such disturbing dreams with your present life. Recurring dreams that come time and again may also be pleasant ones, but then again, you, sometimes, cannot relate them with your life. Dreams can be auspicious. They can be portentous and ominous. Their recurrence, however, puzzles you both ways.

Dreams are the symbols or the messages whose implications and interpretations quite often are not clear to the person who sees the dreams, but they are certainly connected with some reality of his life. A dream is not a separate event from your life. It is a part of your body, mind and spirit. As a part, it reveals the whole.

Dreams are messages in disguise

Dreams are not that simple to interpret, for example:

You may not remember your dream for months together, but suddenly one morning a dream grips your attention. Take it as a message from your spirit guide or angel that you need to be alert.

How to interpret a dream

The simplest way for you to interpret a dream is to pen it down on paper the moment you wake up in the morning. Recall as much as you can. Do not ignore it even if it appears too simple. Try to locate symbols in it. There are certain universal dream symbols. Try to relate your symbols with them.

For example, you may have seen water in your dream. Water symbolizes the spiritual nature of man. Try to figure out what the water looks like. Is it murky or clear? Is it moving fast or slow? Is the water flowing in a river or is just standing in a pond. Are you swimming in the water? If so, are you swimming upstream or downstream or just watching it? Ponder over these questions with reference to your spiritual nature and you will find clear direction to your life.

Psychic dream interpretation and analysis

If your dreams defy your efforts to interpret them or disturb your peace of mind by their recurrence or morbid nature, it is the time to consult a psychic. A psychic possesses supersensitive psychic intuition and can communicate with the spirits to find out solutions to such puzzling dreams. She is a kind of doctor of dream maladies or anomalies. She can explain the strangeness of the dreams, because she has the knowledge, expertise and e experience in dealing with dreams. She can interpret your dreams and relate them to some aspect or incident of your life of which you may not be aware. She can dig your past to find the roots of your dreams or may look into future to which your dreams may be pointing.

Consult our expert psychics at Psychic Readings for an interpretation of your dreams and feel the difference these interpretations make to your life. To contact with one of the many psychics available for a dream interpretation, click here for psychics available.

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