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Aura Colours and Significant Meaning

Aura refers to the electromagnetic, subtle, radiant or luminous field of energy surrounding the human body. The aural emanation or radiation is also known as HEF or Human Energy Field. It is not only humans who have aural projection since this energy is also present in every object or organism in the universe. HEF is a collection of electromagnetic radiation or energy with varied degrees or densities. The said energy has varied aura colours which permeate through and exude from the physical body especially prevalent in a living person. The field of parapsychology often associated to reading the colours of the aura is clairvoyance through aura reading.

In modern parapsychology, aura is believed to consist of seven different layers or levels of auric energy.

Every person has a unique and specific subtle radiation or aural emanation. The different levels or layers of aura are known to be interrelated with each other. Auric levels affect the person most particularly his thinking, behaviour, feelings, emotions and health among others. If one aura layer is experiencing a state of imbalance, all the rest of the other levels or layers are affected.

The seven layers of aura include physical auric body, etheric auric body which influences the emotions, vital auric body influencing the rational mind and astral or relational body. The lower mental auric body connects with the divine will while the higher mental auric body is connected to divine love and spiritual bliss. Finally the spiritual or intuitive body governs the serenity and divination of the mind.

The aura colours are divided into different groups all having significant and unique meanings and symbolism.

Red Aura

Red is related to the physical body, circulation and the heart. This is known to be the densest of all the colours and creates the most emanation or friction. Muddied red represents repelling anger while clear red refers to energetic, powerful, competitive and passionate energy. Light or pink bright emanation refers to a loving, sensitive or tender energy and is also known to indicate clairaudience ability.

This colour represents the physiological condition of the person particularly blood circulation and the heart. It also shows anxiety or nervousness, anger and grudges. A deeper variant of red means groundedness, desire to survival and strong-willed character. Deep red is associated to strong will, realistic, active, grounded and survival orientation. Clear read is energetic, sexual and passionate.

Orange Aura

Orange indicates the state of your emotions and reproductive organs.

Orange is known to be the palette of good health, excitement, vitality, vigour and overall good health. An aura reader would also determine your creativity, productivity, adventurous and courageous spirit and stamina through the orange aura. People who are experiencing stress relating to addictions and appetite are discovered through the orange auric shade.

This colour relates to the emotions and reproductive organs of the person. It shows good health, vitality, stamina, energy and vigour. Characteristics represent intelligence, creativity, courageous and adventurous.

Yellow Aura

Yellow is the colour of inspiration, intelligence, optimism, playfulness, awakening and spiritual awareness. It is related to life energy and the spleen.

Green Aura

Green is the colour of nature, love of people and animals. The colour is related to the lungs and heart. It also represents the health, comfort and balance of character. People with bright emerald green aura have healing nature and love-centred trait.

Blue Aura

This colour is the representation of the thyroid and throat. It also shows the characteristics of being loving, caring, calmness and collectedness. People with this aura have intuition and sensitivity.

Black Aura

This aura means long-term grudges toward other people. The aura could accumulate or form in one body area which could also indicate health issues and problems.

White Aura

This colour represents the energy of light and purity. It shows etheric, non-physical and spiritual type of aura and manifests truth, purity and transcendence.

Violet Aura

The hue means sensitivity, vision, futurism and idealism. It is also related to the nervous system, pineal gland and crown.


There are many other shades and hues associated with the different layers and levels of aura. Most people find it very useful and helpful to consult aura psychic reading to uncover important facts about them and other significant people in their lives. Aura colours have important meanings to tell you.

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