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Astrology - from a Western Viewpoint

Astrology, from a conventional standpoint, refers to the correlation or relationship between the celestial bodies, and its effect on the lives of human, plants and even animals.  Astrology advocates believe that the planet's movements and alignments during the time of a person's birth will have an effect on the individual's destiny and life issues. Astrology however, has different interpretations with each culture.  Here's a basic overview of how psychic astrology is interpreted and understood from a Western viewpoint.

Western Astrology Basics

Western astrology is often considered a “horoscopic”, or a divination form that's mostly based on the design and formulation of a horoscope for a person's exact “moment”, or during the time of his or her birth. This horoscope is based on the movement or alignment of planetary bodies like the sun, moon, and the planets like Venus, Mercury and others,  as they are analysed for their angles and distances. The angles and movements of each planetary system or body is then placed in a “house”, and each planetary object's movements are made as signs on the zodiac chart.  A practitioner of Western astrology generally performs a detailed and thorough analysis of a person's birth chart. 

The Western Zodiac

The Western horoscope's Zodiac chart is believed to have dated back to 500 BC, and this one's composed of a notional, imagined sphere which surrounds the Earth, which follows the path of the Sun through the constellations within a year, or a 12-month cycle.  The Western zodiac is divided into 12 sections, with each section named after a constellation that's seen or noted in a certain area of the world. The western Zodiac also is composed of classic elements  such as fire, water, air and earth.  A Water sign is often related to emotion, and growth. When related to other elements, fire is likely to make water boil, while air may evaporate it, and the earth can shape or channel it.  The Fire sign relates to energy and passion.  Earth smothers fire, while water drowns it, but air enlivens and fans it. Air is related to communication and perspective.  Water however obscures it, while earth suffocates it, yet fire uplifts and inspires it. The Earth sign relates to practicality and stability.  However when Earth is paired with air or fire, it dries out.  Water though will refresh Earth.

The Different Zodiac Signs

The Western Zodiac's different signs include Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pieces.  Here are the characteristics of each sign – Aries (defensive, energetic, impulsive), Taurus (resourceful, devoted, patient), Cancer (sensitive and protective), Gemini (inquisitive, logical), Leo (proud, generous), Libra (fair, cooperative), Scorpio (sensitive, passionate), Sagittarius (straightforward, careless), Capricorn (cautious, prudent).

Most newspapers and magazines today feature updated editions of the Western horoscope. Most of the astrology columns  today provide insight and guidance on what may happen or occur in a day, in relation to the zodiac sign, when the person was born.  Although the predictions may sound vague, it could still offer useful glimpses on the individual's personality traits and characteristics.


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