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Astro Mapping Relocation Astrology

Astro Mapping Relocation AstrologyYou are settled at a place, which you dislike be it its geographical location, its weather, its topography and even the people inhabiting it. Nothing goes straight or works well here. Your business is going down. Your relationships are in a state of ruin. You have lost your peace of mind. In situations such as these there may come a time when you feel relocating to a new place will act like a breath of fresh air that is sure to pump up your life to higher energy levels and satisfaction.

You may have already experienced such a life at certain places during your vocational or vacational visits. The weather was fantastic all the year round. The recreational and vocational facilities were excellent. But would this place be suitable to relocate to?  Wouldn’t the relocation there prove a worse and a disastrous mistake? These and some other related questions may keep pricking you and  you realize that they need to be answered since relocation is not an easy decision to take. The fear of the unknown also haunts .

The astro mapping and relocation astrology can guide you when you are in such a predicament.  Your horoscope mentions the time and place you were born. These are the two significant astrological factors that determine the quality of your life. You cannot change the time of your birth. The other factor is the place of your birth, which you can.

The astro mapping and relocation astrology tells you that the position of the planets has certain lines of alignment with the geographical location of various places on earth. The alignment that remains constant, if wrong, becomes an irritant in your astrological chart.

The Psychic Astrologer with his knowledge of astro-mapping and relocation astrology can accurately map out the lines of alignment between the planets and the place you should relocate to by constructing a map and identifying the locations of particular place where the natal planetary alignment is perfect.

It would be interesting to note that the psychic astrologer considers the map of the earth rather than that of the sky while matching it with your Astrological Chart. He draws the lines around the earth on a chart in relation to your first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses.

Some astrologers use the Ascendant, Descendant and Mid heaven also. The place located at the lines of intersection is considered to be the auspicious location for you. Based on the psychic’s counseling, you can then decide if relocating to a new place is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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