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Ghost Whisperer

Episode 9

A ghost uses electronic devices as a medium to communicate with her son. This puts Melinda into psychic medium overload.

Can ghosts use electronic devices as a medium to communicate rather than a psychic medium?

The electronic voice psychic phenomenon Melinda experienced tonight was very real, the real footage they played actually made me feel sick as well. Its hard to explain but its like having your insides turned upside down. I've heard it before with a lady I was speaking to on the internet and she turned her mic on and cam and I could see and hear the tv going beserk, if felt the same as what I felt tonight.

What I discovered was the land where she had rented her house had once been a hospital and sadly they werent the nicest to their patients, they demolished the hospital but the spirits stayed. Why they chose electronic means to communicate Im unsure but it is a powerful medium.

Do ghosts use psychic mediums to contact their children?

A child parent bond is pretty special, pretty much nothing can come between it. Yes, some parents can be very stubborn but they do have a lot of regret when they have passed away and don’t get a chance to rectify a situation or to explain themselves. That is why many ghosts use a psychic medium, to contact their loved ones and explain what happened when they were living.

Should we be afraid of upsetting our children incase death knocks on our door?

Jim was very jealous of his mother’s new boyfriend, sometimes our children just can't accept that their parent can move on and get on with life. When a partner dies, it does take time to heal but we all do heal but that doesn't mean we ever forget them. They live inside us and are always loved dearly, but that doesn’t mean you have to live alone for the rest of your life. Yes some people do choose to live without loving anyone else but others need that companionship to get them through the day. Parents have lived, yes we make mistakes but it’s our choice and we will recover if we get hurt. Choice is important, we must all learn our lessons or we can’t experience a fulfilled life. Be happy and make a new friend, hey you might learn something about your self if you give them a go.

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